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Create the Future

Image by Allec Gomes

Communicating with spirit has always been a family "hobby"  But two unexpected deaths in the family in 2016 inspired us to communicate more often with spirit. When we are all together, our readings are unlike anything you have ever experienced.  During your reading, you get multiple intuitive perspectives and one simple divination tool in the right hands, supported by all beyond the veil. 


Above all we are family, in this lifetime and in many others, our lives have always been intertwined to reach the place where we are now, helping to spread the light to anyone who will listen to us!  And hey, were great to listen  to....WE think we're hilarious...just remember we are get the sass, sarcasm and snark for free! 



Were the younger, cooler versions of our siblings! :-)  You definitely want to grab a drink and a snack and come hang out with us when you can!  Our journey together began in 2018 when we founded the research team. Then in 2019,  the collective consciousness of Oneness channeled a series of transformative healing processes that we work hard to  share with the world. You can join the Empowered Perspective Membership Group, and have unlimited access to 7 years of channeled research, challenges and intuitive play, you can catch us in  the free Facebook group, and soon on our new podcast coming in NOV 2023!  (links below)

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Image by Allec Gomes

As the younger sibling and the one born to push boundaries, I embody the de

As the younger sibling and the one born to push boundaries, I embody the determination of a Taurus with the agility of a hare as my spirit animal. I'm known for my relentless work ethic, an unstoppable drive that benefits those I collaborate with.

I possess a grand vision, capable of contemplating large-scale ideas, yet I can zoom in with laser-like precision to heal or reprogram a single cell within your body. My heart beats for the underdog, and I'm a tireless advocate for animal welfare. I'm unabashedly passionate about spreading awareness of energy and nurturing the health of the nervous system to anyone who will lend an ear, but my deepest commitment is to the well-being of children.

For child care providers, parents, those breaking the cycle, foster care, and adoptive parents, you hold a special place in my heart. Feel free to explore all the services and offerings I provide by clicking here.

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