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 Cellular Memory Clearing Process

Get Your body out of old survival patterns       and feel the peace you've been missing!

Cellular Memory Clearing Process puts you in charge by teaching you a self care practice more powerful than anything else you have tried!  Our online programs are easy, affordable and above all life changing!  There are so many ways to learn CMCP, from completely guided to just the ideas you can run with! 

it's all about the cells!


Science has proven that as humans, we store memories, experience and emotions on a cellular level. Which means, it’s not “all in your head” rather, our bodies are what hold the information, more specifically the cells.  Cells are the building blocks of life containing massive amounts of information and adapting to their environment like a boss. Cells make up every organ and system in your body and even your consciousness. 


                   Those cells, can contain a positive or negative charge, they can be healthy or unhealthy. Our genetics play into the health of the cells, but so does our environment, our stress level, our stability, our previous or alternate  lives, and our soul's origination point. 

  There's so much more to be considered than what clinical science is addressing.  


What do I need to buy to do CMCP?

no tools are needed, only training which is free to begin

How long does CMCP take to work? 

Energy changes immediately,  physical changes depend on the person but most people notice a difference in a week of consistent work

I've never done anything like this?

Great! We love this for you ! We always let the results speak for themselves.

What is the daily commitment?

Honestly, that's your choice, but on average, under 10 minutes once you are used to it. 

cellular sundays

2023 Dates 













"I appreciate you, I don't think my mind has ever been this good"

                               Wanda, 2022

"A year ago, I started doing CMC on some cysts. Happy to report, this years exam couldn't find any!"

                                  Suzanne, 2022

" Jane chose to sleep in her room last night, she must be feeling safe, I cant thank you enough for teaching me"

                                                                                       Lindsay, 2021

Thanks for subscribing!

Replays will be available for purchase Here beginning in Jan 2024

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