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Connect To
   Your Body

Through intuition we can learn to pick up on cues your body is sending you!

Are you ready to have some clear and repeatable steps around knowing whats happening inside your body? 

We taught Wendy how to trust in her intuitive abilities. She is now a  seasoned ghost hunter, and healer for herself and others.  She knows herself, she is healthy. She knows when illness or changes happen in her body and she can take preventative action to give her cells what they are asking for. All this because she did the exercises, journaled and she kept asking questions about herself!  "My relationships are better, I can see perspectives I had never thought about before and I genuinely trust what my body is telling me. "

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Learn How to distinguish between intuition and

that voice in your head.


to connect to the non physical energy all around you

and USE IT for your self healing, and well being. After years of channeling with Oneness & offering private readings, we decided to lean into the healing aspect of spiritual information. We kept discovering layers upon layers of energy that would have a direct impact on someone's ability to heal, which would impact someone's ability to connect to spirit the way they wanted.  Here's the thing;  people call it spiritual because we have been lead to believe that intuition is not a valuable human asset. We've been lead generation after generation to quiet our inner voices and go with the status quo. We believe that time in human evolution is OVER, and we are offering a more sophisticated understanding of your intuition, no matter how you want to use it!  We have done this in our own lives, and in the lives of others. Join the Connect With Your Body Movement !

Here's what your going to get in this workshop

A REAL definition of what intuition is, and how it will improve your quality of life, your healing journey, and your decision making.

You will learn HOW you are intrinsically connected to the universe through your cells and nervous system. We were built for this! 

How you can find out what intuitive skills come most innately to you, AND how you can expand those

You will learn what to do when you are unsure whether its your intuition or your mind. 

You will have 5 exercises to work on that will help expand your intuition (no matter why you want to expand it!)

special offer

ONLY  $13

When you sign up for this workshop

Over 30 exercises and 10 tips and tricks to foster the energetic connection with yourself

Infuse intuition into your day to day life and have the power to regulate, observe, & direct your perspective . Stop wondering "what is wrong with me?" 

Lynda was always wondering why she could not hear spirit. She read all the books, taken some classes and still couldn't hear spirit. Turns out she was listening for all the wrong things for her.  Once she started working with us on her intuition, she started to identify how spirit was actually communicating with her and she was just missing it!  "For years I just wondered what's wrong with me that I cant do what others can do? "



JUST  $21!

When you sign up for this workshop

Channeled reading - Find Out: 

  • Your most innate and available intuitive skill (will take the least amount of work to get results) 

  • Tools that will open your cells to the vibration of your higher self  (products OR ideas)

  • Signs from your highest self/guides you can look for

  • What blocks connection the most ?

 -lack of effort/practice/trust in self

- belief/fear about connecting to spirit   


- some sort of old contract/vow/generational block/energy transfer

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Get Access NOW !

lifetime access to the replay 

access to a intuition growth "Kickstart Session" ONLY available in this offer

5 amazing intuition exercises

access to the intuition journal printables for FREE

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