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"when you sign up to work with Missy, you get a powerhouse in your corner I am sleeping better than I ever have and I am continuing my journaling, and clearing work myself. I think that is the best thing I learned, I can do it myself"
" I felt stuck when I signed up with Missy, scared that I was spending money on myself & it wasn't going to help. I cannot believe the sense of ease I got in that first interaction with her. She assured me the entire month. Would I work with her again, absolutely. What I learned was life changing.
Image by Tyler Nix

Our healing model is a multidimensional, forward thinking approach to

foundational balance, healing, and growth. Both for the individual

and the collective.



Integration Sessions are  highly personalized, and totally comprehensive.   I am honored to walk with you and collaborate with you to improve your mental, physical and spiritual wellness,  or find the connections you may need to improve your wellness. You are making the changes, I am sharing what we have learned from channeling Oneness. People reach a point when they are tired, and worn out. when they feel like have tried everything, and they cant stick with it. When I am able to show them that their condition does get better with unearthing trauma, and cellular memory clearing, and that they can keep this up on their own, the are amazed! No one taught us how to take care of ourcellves this way. 

Here are some physical indicators that you are carried stored trauma :

Chronic digestion issues, IBS, chronic pain or recurrent infections, anxiety, depression, fatigue, difficulty maintaining healthy relationships,  deep seated fears, mental "blocks" or fog. 

Your body has been talking to you, you just have to learn to listen, and translate. 

Your cells are talking, and we are listening! 

 Integration Master Reset is a 4 month relationship - based session where I act as a liaison between you and your spirit team & higher selves.  We provide information that shines the light on the energetically dense areas of your body, your subconscious, and your cognitive belief programs, and  spearhead the healing. Simultaneously, I am training on how to break up areas of density on your own. We provide you with a ton of tools for your tool box and new life style. We lay a foundation for deep change that lasts. How can you fix something you don't know exists? Let us bridge the gap for you! Let's do this together!

Cellular energy work supports your becoming a better version of yourself.

Our multidimensional approach will address: 
Connecting to
Your Body 
Clearing Energy
This can include cellular memory of illnesses, surgeries, preverbal trauma, ancestral trauma, previous medications, past/parallel life stress or trauma. Areas of opportunity  are areas where energetic density has built up in the body or you are experiencing pain.  This process is at first catalyzing. It requires that you are willing to look at and talk through the sensations, pain, and behaviors you might have had all your life!  We use guided journal prompts, and check ins to track progress, weekly coaching calls,  and you are provided with audio & video support on learning the new 5D process; Cellular Memory Clearing Process. Which moves more energy than you can imagine!

Your body is divine technology.  It is unbelievably precise and orchestrated. Your system should be working together as a whole.  Your beautiful amazing body that does so much for you. Protects you, nourishes you, serves you... all while we layer on the things it does not benefit from. When we know better, we can do better, and this is definitely better!  The new Earth energy makes this possible that simply were not possible before.  Learning how to listen to the body, learning how your cells speak to you, and being able to consciously support it is one of the most amazing things we have witnessed.  One of the most phenomenal things we can do is save you time and money by connecting with your cells, and asking what approach they would most respond to in regard to your healing. This kind of clarity, empowering you to make informed decisions is what we do!


You can be your own best advocate, medicine, or  healer! This is what we can offer you, if you are willing to take the opportunity.  We are busy moms, with busy  jobs too! We get it! Healing has to fit into your life, and on your end you have to be willing to make the changes, like carving out time, and making a conscious effort. The energy work will help, but is always superseded by free will.  We want to educate you on your body, your energy, your soul so that you can make the most of this offering, and we do our very best to offer you the resources you need, and deliver them in a way that makes sense to you. 

Cycle breaking

The world starts to look a lot different once you are looking at it through a lens of regulation and cellular balance. Not only do we want you to heal, but we want you to be able to help support others in your life with their healing.   Once you have begun this cellular change, you begin to shine brighter, literally. Your vibration changes and you "ping out" a different signal in the world. A more balanced, healed signal. You become a catalyst for healing your friends and family, simply by having worked on your own self.   Every subtle change made, I promise you, the energy ripples.

1 Month Session



 Energy Assessment


Printable Journal Pages

Daily Support  & Motivation

Via Google Doc & messages

2 Intuitive Sessions per day 

Morning/Night from Missy

Access to all tools you need to learn  CMC &  expand on your session results on your own.

4 Month Session

Comprehensive Energy Assessment 

Custom Made Journal

Daily Support  & Motivation

Via Google Doc & messages

30 min Coaching Call once per week

2 Remote Sessions per day 

Morning/Night from Missy

Access to all tools you need to learn  CMC &  expand on your session results on your own. 

Videos, audio walk throughs, & personalized journal 

Are you ready to start this thing ?
Let's get control of your
trauma & empowerment!

I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless.
I will not fix you, for you are not broken.
I will not heal you for I see you in your wholeness
I will walk with you through the darkness
until you remember

Your Light

- medicine woman's prayer

The Assessment

This is where we really have something to offer that you cannot get somewhere else. We have the ability to communicate with the cells of your body, and over the 7 years we have been working with clients, have established a list of excellent questions to evaluate common concerns people have. Every session is variable, and really considers all aspects of the person I am helping. But to get an idea it is standard practice for us to evaluate the energetic frequency of: 

             Your Nervous System, your gut health, neurotransmitters, major organs, amygdala, hippocampus, fascia, nerves, joints, spine, DNA proclivities, and neural pathways, and the all important subconscious which contains all the information you have suppressed, denied and forgotten about cognitively including experiences and emotions you have have in other incarnations. 

Got Goals? 

Got things you want to change about your life? Let's set up a free consultation if you are loving this entire concept!

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