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3 Tips for Journaling

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Journaling is a cognitive therapeutic process with a ton of benefits. Just like so many other things in life it can be done with very little skill & flair, or with glitter pens and a leather bound notebook - you do you boo! We promote journaling a lot around here. With our community members who are working on their intuition, (FAITH COMMUNITY) it helps us keep track of experiences and "aha" moments from spirit, or dreams. Sometimes the information means nothing at the time you write it and then a year down the road your like "ohhhhhh....I see what you did there spirit" With community members who are doing The Sacred Cellular Revolution, journaling is a way to carve out time every day for yourself for self discovery and to deepen the relationship with the self. In all cases, it's a wonderful way to anchor your nervous system. There are a few things that have been on my mind in regard to journaling and I hope that you gain some insight or some inspiration from it.

1: Its about the process, not the end product.

What is the energy you have when you sit down to write? Be mindful of your mood. One of the reasons I don't care for "sit down and write" journaling is I always had this feeling like I was about to do a "chore" like taking out the trash or something. Like I just needed to get through it and do the assigned work. Obviously this is NOT the right attitude to get the juicy bits done LOL But, I responded to that, changing it up to something that I DID enjoy, and BOOM ...RESULTS!!! I'm not saying it matters how you are doing it. I'm saying the energy with which you are doing it is important. And I'm also not shaming THAT, because sometimes that changes! Heck, it should change! Are you currently pissed off and discharging emotions? Are you being curious about an experience or feeling in your childhood? Jotting random thoughts? Being a ball of hallmark style mush & gratitude? What IS your focus? (this is where prompts and programs are helpful) It's all perfect, please don't judge it, just notice it. Because that could potentially cause a shift that may just bump everything up to the next level inside of you .

2: Notice long term patterns - are there emotions that consistently repeat?

This can help you know where you might want to place some attention, or dig a little deeper. If you are writing about the a situation, and the over all feeling is irritation, and some other time you are writing about an experience, and you see that irritation is there as well, (and so on ) maybe that's a cue to look at why all these external things are causing you the same internal reaction. Then you can journal on the emotion of irritation (for example) and see what it is inside that is causing you to react with irritation (in this example) so frequently. Separating yourself from the feeling that you most often feel can be complex, but you are not your feelings. Feelings are however a navigational tool that the creator has given us, and we simply need to be more aware of them. I love the idea of making a "trigger log" or "compliment log"

3: This journal isn't for anyone else but you.

Complete poetic sentences not required. The amount you produce, the number of pages, doesn't matter. Judgement really has no place in journaling. Your not "producing" this for anyone else's validation, or judgement. (not even your own) It should be a time that you can be brutally honest and curious about yourself. Sometimes in life, we don't give ourselves permission to FEEL. Too much is happening in 3D life, and we hurt ourselves in the long run when we don't let ourselves have some sort of time to feel and be curious about our processing. You can bullet journal, you can doodle words, you can scribble, make abstract lines, you can do what ever it is you want to as long as you are a feeling through it , and allowing yourself some compassion. This is time for you. And we simply don't do that enough. Especially women, we don't allow ourselves the time for self care, compassion and reflection as often as we should. We balance so darn much and we need to sort that shit out! Journaling is cost effective, and impactful. Anyone can do it.

Yes, you. Especially you.

Take good care -

XOXO Missy

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