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Animals are Your Ally

Your Pets are taking your stress, and your ailments and helping you purge them

*If you have not yet read the article on purging in general I recommend that you read that first, then come back to this. Here is the link for that !

I’ll start by saying I'm an animal lover. Honestly the entire AG Family are animal lovers, my soul just doesn't understand the concept of “moderation” so I take it pretty far. I have talked before about how we have adopted 15 dogs from puppy mill auctions. Well, that doesn't include the ones we bought at pet stores, and adopted from shelter. We have owned well over 20 dogs in my lifetime. I am drawn to them. Every vacation we take I do what I can to ethically visit the animals. The highlight of my Colorado trip was the chipmunks at Estes Park they were so tame they would eat from your hand. I LOVE animals. When I found out the work that they do for humanity what Creator/Source designed for us, it’s beloved humans. I fell more in love with the Creator, and the animals. We don't deserve them, they are too good for us, and that's kind of just the point.

Have you ever noticed that in a house full of people pets seem to be pulled to one person who becomes “their person” Then we get to tease the other people in the house that that animal likes us better...oh wait maybe that's just me LOL But they do prefer you, and the animal has chosen you as its “audience” (sounds weird but that's what Spirit called it) I'm sure there are a million other reasons the pet chose you - but the metaphysical reason is that they have chosen to purge for you.

Domestic pets can only purge for one person at a time and they don't usually change who they purge for, but I have seen it happen. Special circumstances though.

The emotional & vibratory energy transfers from you to the animal for more of that chemical processing I was talking about in the blog post “Purging, your nervous system & Energy”

Animals do this because of their pure love for you. They know they are here as your companion animal, and that is more than just physical. So that animal that sleeps at your feet, or curled in your crotch, or follows you to the bathroom, it's because they are fulfilling their sacred duty from the creator of being your physical AND energetic companion. They are always working.

This extends to wild animals as well. The difference being a single cow doesn't purge for Jane Doe. (well, I mean it could if the cow and Jane were real tight, but it’s not likely) The entire species of cow purges for the collective, in the geographical region in which they live. Not only do they purge, their pure energy (without the social branch of the nervous system) also adds a vibration to the collective. So we here at the AG Family creatively call that “Purges & adds” LOL This is one of the topics that our Inner Circle discusses frequently. The impact, and the mechanisms, and the stories. So let's go back to that cowfor a moment. According to The Collective of Oneness,

cows add “Oneness mentality/unity”

cows purge: “Pollution of Gaia” (meaning the chemicals produced by the stress of pollution of Gaia)

Here's another one:

Wolves Purge: Human Loneliness

Wolves Add: the vibration of curiosity

Wild animals can also purge disease from the collective (they would take the overflow)

Gorillas purge breast cancer

Hippopotamus purges diphtheria

Brown Bear purges dementia

What an amazing creation we live in. And it's not just the animals. The astrology, the plants, the trees, the rocks and crystals, the bugs, they all are here in service of love.

Now, are they put together differently? Yes. Absolutely. They do not have the social engagement branch of their nervous system so I'm not trying to tell you to befriend an ant. I mean, you can if you want… I would. But Im not trying to imply that they are pets and should be treated as such. But I DO want you to understand that you live in a world that was designed for your success energetically, and that it has been there all along. By having the awareness of these things, I think that it helps us realize how worthy, and connected we are to all things. In a world where we struggle so much with those two things, what a juicy little nugget of info to find out. You are so very loved.

Ok so

Storytime with Missy again!!!!

You need to know, I love you. Talking about my healing journey is vulnerable, especially this next one. but feel like stories increase our understanding, and once we understand more we can then look for it in our own lives. So first Case Study, the story of Lila.

We adopted Lila from a rescue. She was young at the time, just barely over a year old.

She came into our home, full of other dogs, and for the first few years there were no problems. She chose my son as “her person” and she slept with him at night. My son was also adopted, with a trauma history, and a myriad of mental health diagnosis.

By the time he turned 13 he began to get restless. He was tired of being told what to do, and began to cultivate a hatred for us, as we were the oppressors in his mind. He had ADHD, RAD, he was high strung to say the least, he could turn on you on a dime, but had the world fooled. Over the years, Lila became increasingly more anxious. We began to have incidents around the house. I cannot count how many times she attacked the smaller dogs, with no provocation. We s

ought help, and training, had a woman come into our home and teach us how to be with her, and all about the pack mentality and it simply did not work. Finally she attacked one of the smaller dogs and I heard the screams and saw the blood and made the decision that this would . not . happen . again! I had to make the painful decision to give her away. My son at this time is about 14. He was disappointed that we would have to get rid of her, but he understood the reasoning. Luckily though, my nephew and his wife and child wanted to add a dog to their family, and they had no other dogs and promised me they would not get another dog so we gave her away, but I still get to see her, and she still loves me ;-) By age 16 my son started to run away. At age 17 he left for good. We have zero contact. We were too late to help him, and he was and still is a huge catalyst in my life. His presence in my life caused me to ask the questions of spirit that led me down the path of nervous system health and wellness. And Lila? Oh my goodness did she get well fed, following around 2 toddlers can make a dog fluffy ya know? In the years that have passed, Lila “changed her audience” she accepted a new human to purge for, and now, she can be around other animals again. It is a clear illustration of the power of energy transfer. How she held my angry anxious son's abundance of angry testosterone in her body, and that led to her attacking the other animals. (at least that is MY conclusion) as the same dog is now living peacefully in another household, purging for someone else.

Second Case Study, the Story of Doakes

Doakes was a small shy, anxious dog we adopted. He was a puppy when we got him, and he grew up with his brother pretty normally. I was Doakes' person until we brought the first bulldog in the house, and he did not like that. He was afraid of the size and general demeanor of the bulldog and he began to “hide” in my daughter's room. My daughter is and always has been anxious, and the kind of person who appreciates her alone time. So she was in her room, alone, more than the average child. She’s an old soul with a story that will probably come up later I'm sure at some point. Doakes definitely loved the quiet protection and they were soon best friends. My Daughter struggled with anxiety. Big struggles. All that time alone in her room was actually time that she spent ruminating on the things in her life that bothered her. Somewhere along the line then, Doakes developed a storm anxiety. It would storm, and Doakes would shake and shiver, and pant. Time went on and soon the shivering and panting wasn't enough to release the stresses he was carrying, and he needed to run. So out the pet door he would go, then eventually he would dig out and run. This escalated the last two years of his life. (so 2019/2020) at about that same time, I began working with my daughter's energy. Clearing her, working on her nervous system, uncovering pre verbal trauma, it was a lot of intentional energy work for her. I felt like we were getting so close to a breakthrough with her. Then in August 2020 the Derecho struck Iowa. It was so unexpected, no one saw it coming. We didn't have the 2 hour lead up of “signals” the rain was coming that Doakes normally gave us. It was ok though, it was a summer afternoon and my daughter was in her room during the entire storm and so was Doakes, he was safe. Then in September of that same year we had another unexpected storm, in the middle of the night. I did not know, and was unable to take my usual precautions to contain Doakes and he ran away. I woke up at 5 AM to thunder and lightning and looked for him immediately. He was gone. I spent two hours in the car looking all over for him, when someone finally called me, around 7 to tell me they had found his body on the main road in town. I have all sorts of feelings about this but you can read about that in the other post I wrote about purging & the nervous system, because this blog post is about animals & this story about him taking the energy from their person. But needless to say I was crushed. I felt like a failure, and had to tell my daughter her best friend was dead. I spent the entire weekend in bed, grieving, and moving energy through my body. I apologized to my sweet baby boy over and over again, and begged forgiveness from his soul for being responsible for cutting his physical life short. (he was killed on sat morning) by Sunday morning I made contact with his soul. I wasn't trying, it just happened. And the information shared with me at that time was spectacular, where once again I was dumbfounded by the love animals have for us, and also the miracle that this creation is. He said “I’m here mama” and I cried so, so hard, Then he began a blurb that lasted only a few seconds, but told me so much. He was able to take that last bit of anxiety trauma that I had been working on from my daughter and transmute it for her, and It made him a little crazy. He said he didn't suffer, he was only scared when he was running, once he was hit it was over. He was getting ready for a fractal of him to incarnate again, but not as a dog, as a wild animal.

I told my daughter when she was ready for a dog again, that was “hers” just to let us know. And in March of 2021 she said she was ready. I asked the AG if we could have Doakes back, and got word that yes, that would happen for her. So 50% of the new dog could be Doakes soul, and 50% must be different. So when you think you get your animal back in another animal, I am here to tell you that happens. You're not crazy. It tends to happen with the older souls, because they have more energy to pull from. This gets a bit more convoluted, and I could do another blog on this alone. Eventually, I'll get there, and I will put the link here :

Rosey came into our life in May. Born in March (the month my daughter said she was ready for another dog) She is the most amazing little thing and pure love and joy and half of Doakes. Funny thing is. The intention was that she be my daughter's dog, but she's got something special with me too. We definitely share her vibrationally for now. She’s an animal, so she can do it. She's got a lot of pure love in that little body.

I can find little bits here and there about all my dogs, I have another full case study, but i feel like this is getting long, and I could actually do an entirely different post on that one Point being, once you see this, know about this, you can't UNSEE it. Spirit told us there would be some hard truths in our journey, and this was one for me. As you can probably imagine, with all this knowledge and my love for animals, I of course wanted my dogs to stop taking energy from me. I can remember a time when I was very upset and I was shouting out loud to my dogs “no one in this house is taking this from me! I can process my own shit” LOL Except that's not how it works. The AG informed us that they will NOT stop transferring the energy and transmuting it, it is their sacred duty, so I should stop trying. Not being one to give up, (did I mention my spirit animal is a hare?) I continued to search for “loop holes” in the design….

Enter the puppies!!

In May of 2021, we brought 3 puppies into our home. Yes three. It's not weird for us. It just happens. I told you I don't know moderation.

So if I can't STOP the puppies from choosing their audience, or taking on our stuff…. What else can I do? Well, I should absolutely get my shit together right? If I am emotionally & physically healthy my dog will be too.

AND OF COURSE Cellular Memory Clearing!! That was my “loophole” !! If I am proactive about the cellular memory clearing, then nothing will stagnate in their bodies and create disease! So at the tiny age of 2 months old, I began regularly clearing cellular memory on them. I asked spirit about their genetic predisposition - (where they will have a tendency to store chemicals and vibrations) and each animal was different as expected. But now, not only do I do a system wide cellular memory clearing, I also spend extra intention and energy on the organ spirit said they would likely carry the excess toxins in. I feel like a happy dance ! This is huge! I love my animals, and I can do something to help them help me!! I don't feel as helpless anymore! I will let you know in about 20 years how all this panned out (winky face)

The Creator did not just dump humanity off on the planet wave goodbye and say “enjoy yourself” It made a supportive environment, with energetic allies for us. How Worthy of God’s love do you feel now? How supported and awestruck now? YOU ARE LOVED.

Connect with your allies, appreciate your animals. They are here for you. They literally exist for you. So maybe an extra cookie tonight huh?

Take good care of them and of you until next time -

Chat soon, Missy

I'm putting a sidebar here DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH, and only read this if you are truly ready for some mind bending truths about how souls are put together, If you are sure, read on….

When Doakes died, he was absolutely dismembered I picked him up in several pieces and clutched him to my chest. Of all of that, two things remained burned into my brain acutely. His eyes, (which i did SO much clearing on I actually cannot remember what they looked like only that it bothered me) And his liver. It was a good 16 inches away from his body. In my sobbing and wailing and just wanting my boy back I picked up his liver, and put it with the rest of his body in my arms, and against my chest. I remember the smell, and I remember how oily his liver was and how the sand from the road was sticking to it, and to my hands. Even after dropping his body off, even after washing my hands, even after a shower, that oil clung to my skin and I was so impacted by that, that's one of the few things that remain with me as deep somatic trauma. I never talked about it, I told like 4 people about it. I just thought about it a lot while I was grieving and healing. Months later, when we knew we would get Doakes soul back, and I asked where Rosey (the body of the dog that would receive 50% of Doake’s soul) would be likely to store the emotional chemicals she transfers from her human. Can you guess what organ it was? The liver. To me that was confirmation, after months that 1: my trauma impacted my boy Doakes even after physical death. Energy never dies, it just transforms. And 2: Rosey was actually the recipient of 50% of Doakes soul. Why else the liver my friends?

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