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Blessing/Imprinting Your food and Water

Remember that saying “you are what you eat”?? What you put in your body is more important than our mamas ever even knew ! From an energetic perspective the mom food you eat has a consciousness, able to interact intelligently with your unique physiology. What IS important is your INTENTION (surprise surprise) by Your intention alone you can code your food to be the perfect fit for you and exactly what your body needs.

Somewhere along the line we went from thanking the food for its sacrifice (think indigenous peoples beliefs) to being thankful FOR the food (that we have Jesus/God to thank, and we are lucky to have what we have) That’s a huge shift. Bypassing so much. This bypassing causes a disconnect, when we as humans are already so disconnected. Plants, animals, and Gaia are all allies serving us energetically whether we appreciate it or not. But what if we could ? What would that change ? I’m leaving that there for you to draw out your own conclusions. Spirit simply stated that there is an opportunity with your food that most of us tend to miss. Blessing/imprinting your food energetically would benefit your body. Here’s some statement ideas for ways to energetically imprint your food. Thank you food for being exactly what my physical vessel needs in this moment. I bless the ground this grew in , the hands that procured it, and allow my body to accept the nutrients it needs Creator, the command is to clear cellular memory of any low vibrational frequency in this meal. (Repeat 4x)- and know you can create a sigil or symbol for future use My body knows exactly the nutrients to use as fuel and how to safely discard the toxins. I trust my body Along those same lines is the concept of blessing/charging /imprinting your water. If you really want to dig into the research on this - I highly recommend looking into the study done & book published by Masaru Emoto “The Hidden Messages in Water” The short version is your physical vessel is 70% water. So imagine filling your vessel to that full 70% with something the equivalent of holy water ... yes. Powerful. Healing. Probably one of the best changes I ever made in my life! This is also great because you can do it for your family You can instill any feeling you want into your water as long as it is for the highest good for all. Love , compassion, safety, joy... anything. Just spend a few moments and intentionally put emotion into the water. Visualize it. Once you get comfortable it only takes a few seconds. Alternatively you could create a sigil for this. Some statement ideas: Thank you water , bless you water The command is this water be charged with ..... This water is cleared of all impurities and charged with _____ In addition you can print words like love, safety, compassion, joy onto the water container in some way You can also use frequency to charge the water. Tuning forks, bowls, music playing near the water. All these are effective methods to charge your water Filling your body needed nutrients is much different than mindlessly filling it with some nutrients and chemical toxins. (Lets me honest food is pretty messed up with chemicals right now) BUT none of that matters. What matters is your intention. You CAN change the molecular structure of what you put in yours and your family’s bodies with just some awareness & intention XO -missy

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Juliana Reisner
Juliana Reisner
02 de fev. de 2021

YES! Exactly what I needed to read!

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