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Clear Cellular Memory of Kids & Pets

Learning to clear your pets, & children is just a shift in perspective once you have a handle on clearing cellular memory for yourself!

If you have not learned how to do cellular memory clearing process for yourself, or learned how to “scan” something with your consciousness, we highly recommend you attempt & learn that first, for no other reason than to eliminate frustration on your part. Here are my suggested concepts. (Including links if you need them )

  • Read how to scan first

  • “Lead with your gut”

  • Have some experience with basic cellular memory clearing process first

Link to You Tube audio walk through basic CMC:

Link to Blog Post about how to scan:

Link to You Tube Audio walk through how to Scan

As you begin your cellular memory clearing on your pet or another person, you're going to follow the exact same process EXCEPT that the black silhouette you see is not of you, but the person you intend to clear.

  • Envision the silhouette

  • Begin to scan from the top of their energy to the bottom of their energy

  • Follow any “tugs” or “pulls” you may get to linger in an area of the silhouette.

If you feel the urge to linger, “lead with your gut” FEEL with your gut, not your mind

  • This is where your skills and abilities take the lead, you might hear, see, know, smell, experience an area of the body. You can logically question it right after your scan. For now you're just feeling around leading with your gut.

  • It might take several scans before you actually connect with the person/animal try not to get frustrated if you're new to this. And if you don't get any information, that’s ok! Take a break or try again another day! Don't pressure yourself or make this take a long time. 15 minute practice session MAX at first. It will happen if you intend & practice it.

  • If you see/sense/feel information, write it down! I promise you, you will forget. Scribble and then going back to scanning is perfectly fine.

  • When you are done, THEN it's time to use that logical mind of yours What was the area you were pulled to anatomically? How does the information you intuited connect with the location of the “pull” you got to the area? Let your mind wander a bit with possibilities. If you have an anxious way of being this will be the hardest part - DO NOT RESEARCH. Try at least 3 -4 sessions with intuitive information only before you research anything. Which leads me to my next point

  • DON'T PUSH THE PANIC BUTTON! When we are working with our pets and kids, we naturally feel emotional, protective, attached. These concepts generally do not work in your favor when it comes to intuitive healing work. That being said, cellular memory clearing does innately bypass emotional attachment. But cognitive mind is powerful, so just be aware. Your higher selves also know you intrinsically they are not going to allow you to access any information that your not supposed to. More detailed healing could be left to a professional, but know this :

  • You cannot do it wrong. You are clearing cellular density. That cannot be misconstrued, or cause any issue whatsoever. Your Guides and your God knows your intentions and whether they come from your ego or your heart. And they will coordinate energy accordingly. This is something they channeled, it was their process and we have simply relayed it, let your mind rest, Trust Oneness, and trust the process.

Take Good care of yourselves, & we'll see you in the game

If you would like to learn more about the processes channeled from Oneness, or how to expand your intuition and balance the cells of your body, join us in the Inner Circle ! Learn more here:

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