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Clearing Energy - Heart

How to use Cellular memory clearing to clear the cells of your heart as an organ, and your heart as an energy field.

We are all energetic beings, doing our best to survive in a world that sometimes can be painful & have its fair share of struggles. When we have lots of suppressed emotion about these struggles and experiences of life, it tends to clog up our energy centers, and keep our life force from radiating as brightly as it could. You have probably heard about these energy centers before, most people call them chakras. They are energy meridians where we connect to the universe, including all the things around us. Where the chakras/meridians are located impacts the organs around it. But long before diseased organs show up, clogged energy is there to give you a heads up if you know how to listen to your body. Keeping these meridians clear is of great importance to the energy flow of the human body. Lots of things keep energy moving like creativity, dance, exercise, yoga, and intentional energy work. Of all the meridians, a few stand out as being "more important" and by that I mean they move more energy than the others.

The Solar Plexus, The Crown, the Root, and the Heart.

Oneness states that we are directly linked to our ancestors and our akashic passions via our heart field. Energetically when I "see" it it looks like a protruding funnel that spins. Symbols or words appear in the field when I am focused on it. I can tell what a person has loved for many lifetimes and what they are passionate about. Unfortunately when a person gets emotionally hurt beyond a momentary repair, many times this will show up in the heart field as well. When we take contracts or wounds from our ancestors (including what people call "the mother wound) the information for this is also contained in the heart field. (primarily, there are always exceptions) Combine the idea that the heart field contains massive amounts of energy for you (think of the concept of a battery) and also that it can contain all these more energetically dense traumatic timelines and wounds, it makes this chakra/meridian one of the most important for you to intentionally work on.

When clients work with me one on one, I do a significant amount of heart clearing. Especially during the in person White Fire sessions. This can help someone get a nice immediate "bump" from the energy blockage being cleared. I also advocate that clients do this work for themselves on a semi regular schedule. If you are a person who has heart or cardiovascular disease that runs in your family, I would recommend you do it even more frequently, like maybe once a month, or every day if you are currently going through something traumatic.

Cellular Memory clearing can be applied to not only the chakras/meridians, but also to the organs themselves. Here are the directions for the heart field and heart organ cellular memory clearing.

This is the full meditation : the audio can be found here: YOU TUBE LINK

Find a comfortable position, and take a deep breath

Notice any tension in your body, and release it.

shoulders, neck, and hands should all be relaxed

Take another deep breath, hips and legs relaxed

One more deep breath, relax that jaw muscle

then bring your attention to the spot about 6 inches above your head. Imagine There is a warm, welcoming light there. Breath in the energy of that light, keeping your focus still in this warm loving energy. This light is your consciousness. Beautiful and brilliant ,Give this ball of light as much detail as you desire. What color is it? Is it moving? Are there patterns? How does it feel to you?

Imagine that you climb inside of this consciousness now, and rest in it.

Relax your weary physical body. And allow the light to soothe you, taking in all your worries, and countless thoughts. Breathe in again and exhale.

The light ball will assist you, and help you reach your desired brain wave. You begin to rise up above the place where you are sitting now, you can see a birds eye view of yourself, relaxed, and the light ball continues up again, this time far above the place where you sit. The ground begins to appear as a quilt, something you would see from an airplane. Breath in and out. Rising higher still, into the earth's atmosphere you stop amongst the stars, you can see your beautiful mother earth sitting below you with her greens, browns, and blues, and you remember what a gift she is to you, and give thanks to Terra. There is need to climb higher yet, and you rise up through the stars into the absolute blackness, where there is nothing. “This is creation “ your guide whispers, and you relax into the black abyss. From here you can create, you are separated from human programming, and united with your consciousness in a way you cannot be back on terra. From this place, you can create your reality with focused thought and pure intention.

Focus in on the area in and around your heart. The organ itself, beats out, pulses out a frequency totally unique to you. Move your awareness to this heart area then give the command to your body & universe.

"the command is to clear cellular memory of the heart organ and the heart field"

next, imagine the white hot fire of divine light burning any toxic energy out of that area of your body. See in your minds eye this light consume the stored stress, and crumble to ash.

Once you feel finished do this entire process 3 more times (for a total of 4 repetitions, command & Visualization)

When you feel done, I want you to come back down a bit, back amongst the stars where mother earth sits poised and radiant. Down even farther you begin to notice land taking form again, and your perspective shifts. Down further above the place where you sit, and then back just above your head. Wiggle your toes, and open your eyes when you are ready.

Once you have practiced this process, it gets faster and faster. These instructions here are written for beginners, and more tenured students of the process will know it doesn't require all this time and verbiage to get the job done. The most important part of all of this is the command & visualization, and repeated 4 times. (Currently in this dimension 4 times is a universal command)

See you in the game,

Want to learn more about cellular memory clearing? Join us in our once a month drop in class !

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