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“Your Body is Divine Technology, Learn How to Use It”

We are at the dawn of a golden era. As a collective, we are coming out of the dark ages of survival. It's difficult to see from an individual (micro) perspective unless you know what to look for but it's there. You can see it in the mental health crisis, you can see it in politics, in banking, in religion and schools. Everything is changing rapidly now. Individually this causes an awareness that may be or has been growing inside of you to look inside yourself and question why we do the things we do, and how we can do better for ourselves, and future generations.

Lots of people come into spirituality or therapeutic/psychological care in an attempt to change something(s) about themselves, To heal. To live better. A part of this will inevitably turn to the concept of belief programming.

What do I mean by programming?

It's the information in both the subconscious and cognitive areas of your brain that play on repeat and become a belief system often initialized during the years of your age 0-3 and by extension 0-7. These are foundational beliefs or programs. Like family systems, money, religion, culture. A baby does not come out of the womb cognitively knowing these things. They are taught by the adults around them. Not only do we accept programs/beliefs from our parents, we accept programs from all around us. Society, peers, television, music - it's literally everywhere. Your brain is so smart and so sensitive it’s always taking in information. These belief programs become a point of attraction and in turn change the way the environment around you responds to you .

More nuanced programming, individual beliefs that become “that internal voice in your head” tend to be the things that put us into some sort of therapy or healing efforts.

Mental perspectives are the reason we struggle to get along with things in this world and in our relationships with others.

Science has proven and understands that the subconscious plays a part in the conscious/cognitive decisions and actions we take. What they won't publicly acknowledge is what they may or may not know about the subconscious and its connection to the Universe, or source energy of some kind or what most people call God.

From our perspective, our work, we understand and acknowledge that the subconscious is more. Hypnotists, psychologists, and scholars have long played in the subconscious realm. Understanding it holds great power, but to be honest so far we have just seen a glimmer of what is even possible with the human machine.

We have questioned the collective consciousness of Oneness from time to time about the subconscious, and here are the main points to consider (so far)

The average subconscious of each of us ranges approximately about 100 levels. From Theta brainwave to physical Death. Death they only put at a 74 out of 100. (ish) Emphasizing that there is additional consciousness beyond physical death.

So Imagine a scale of 1-100 and I'm going to illustrate a few points to help you understand the depth and breadth of our subconscious.

Meditation 7

Hypnosis 15

Sleep Apnea 21

Coma 36

Physical Death 72

The Subconscious also contains the entirety of your spirit of consciousness (spiritualists would call the akashic record) Both yours individually and the entire collective of all the beings that have ever existed. As a 3d Human, we are only capable of accessing a very, (very) limited amount of this collective. So as you expand in your love, and knowledge of the Universe, more information becomes available to you. In all accuracy, spirit doesn't “tell” you anything…you are actually accessing available information as your cognition can sort through it. (that might ruffle some feathers, but that’s ok)

One of the most challenging concepts to consider as a 3d human is the idea that we live in a hologram or matrix reality. The Great I AM (God, source, Universe) In its infinite intelligence has designed a creation that really truly could never fully be comprehended. The way all the dimensions give and take from each other, communicate seamlessly, the information that is available, the areas of focus. It’s the most incredible thing I will ever know in all my lifetimes. I am quite sure that it is my love for the Great I AM, and its Creation that will have me coming back over and over again. To play, to suffer, to know love. Because ultimately even the suffering is a way of loving. When I say that understanding this in its entirety is not possible, I really truly mean it. Our brains simply aren't capable. Starting out with this attitude will impact the level of information you get, so my suggestion would be that you get comfortable with the idea that you will never, ever, completely understand everything, and that's ok. Furthermore anyone who tells you they DO know everything about consciousness, the afterlife, healing, God, etc. This is a red flag for you. With a grateful heart, take the information they can share from their experiences, and discern what resonates. (and yes, this is true for our work too!) FEEL through it. If something doesn't feel right - that's how you know it's not for you. I DO however encourage you to revisit the ideas of anything that doesn't resonate sometime down the road. It might be months, or years even. Don't ever rule anything completely out. “Not a no, just a not right now” attitude. Don't take everything so seriously, and know you are are here to play too, not just be spiritual.

In about 2020 I began to access information about programming code. Listen, I am literally the worst at computers and math!! I sincerely didn't know sometimes how I passed pre algebra! But the one thing that I was very good at was remembering in my minds eye strings of numbers. I always thought that was so weird. Even now at 45 I could tell you my ex’s Social Security number, phone numbers from all my childhood friends, and of course all my family members. Remember how I said I don't know how I passed pre algebra? I could not solve a problem, but I could LOOK at the person next to me, see their computation, and memorize how it looked, including the positions they were in on the paper. I would just write that down, and it looked like I did the work. But all I was really doing was copying. This is a hilariously shameful thing to admit. Like it's morally wrong for me to have done this. But I did. I'm telling you all of this because that was a clue to something that was in my soul that I have done many times before and will probably continue to do in future incarnations to come. I have been a coder, a programmer for God.

Admittedly that probably sounds more than a little crazy to you. But you have made it this far, so why not read the rest, just in case you can get something out of it that might help your life.

So if you can get behind the idea that we live in a hologram or matrix, that we are all just energy, made dense. Then I would like to ask how it is you think we might become these dense cellular bodies in this holographic matrix. Just like a computer, we are layers upon layers upon LAYERRRRS of coded numbers. Now that's not all we are. We also contain a spark of God that is literally in every single cell of our bodies. They can make A.I. intelligent, but it will never be fully human because it isn't divine like we are. Our souls are made of God stuff. I don't know any better way to say it.

Everything has a program code. Every collective consciousness, every name, every disease, every food, drink, medication, plant, body of water….everything. Did I mention every. Single. Thing has a code? ;-) So this dimension is just now figuring out the whole matrix and code concept. We are 3rd dimension (well actually 4D now) and by 13th Dimension, the collective of incarnated beings have mastered it. By 5D it is “standard” for a person to heal themselves instantly. Health and wellness is not the issue there that it is here. Because they understand programming and how it assists to create our experienced reality. This does not make us any less human. We are the same emotional beings we have always been, just slightly more expanded.

Now imagine you are a human who really really struggles with some sort of physical or emotional ailment that you no longer wish to experience. Program codes can help us support that change. I'm not selling snake oil here its no cure for all in an easy to swallow pill. Work still has to be done around clearing the physical body, and coming into a new cognitive awareness that expands. But the coding, in combination with these things will help boost you to the next level. Coding bypasses the cognitive mind - so even if someone believes with all their cognition and cellular make up that they are unworthy, we can bypass the egoic (programmed) brain, and change the code to support worthiness. To reiterate, you still have work to be done, (tons of clearing work ) but for people who have been on their healing a journey a long time, and they just can't seem to change this one thing they want to change, programming codes can be life changing!

Obviously I can see this information could terrify some people, and excite others. It’s not for everyone, but I can tell you everyone that has experienced the coding work in the last year has experienced exponential changes in the areas of focus. I can also tell you that I am going to continue to work with these codes, and apply them to challenges in the collective, and for healing clients and inner circle members. We will play with these the same way we have played with all the channeled information we have obtained. With playful curiosity, and integrity. Source knows our hearts and that's part of what excites me so much. Even if some people don't believe in it right now, we can still be of service to the Great I AM as we are called to be, for the collective of humanity. I am going to do my best to take you along on this journey if you are interested. I have been very shy about sharing our journey thus far, mostly because like many other healers I have allowed negative self talk to prevent it. We are all on our own journeys. We all have our own “hard” sharing “downloads” or “aha moments” is one of my hards!

Coding is so complicated however, I feel like it’s going to be necessary to document, and story tell as the years roll by. We frequently say we will never stop learning. As always that is the case with code work. We will continue to deepen our understanding and refine our technique. So follow our journey as we learn more about embracing the divine technology that is our physical meat suits, and we learn to capitalize on our ability to sync with infinite intelligence. And help our fell humans heal individually, and in turn collectively.

Take good care of yourselves, and we'll see you in the game.

Much Love,


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