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Cord Cutting/Closing an Energy Channel

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Cord Cutting /Channel closing as Energetic Hygiene

When you have or HAD a relationship of any kind with another person, place, or thing, you can develop what most practitioners will call a “cord” Our guides called it an energetic channel (like a channel that connects a river to a lake. Not a radio channel)

At its simplest form, a cord is simply the chemicals from the emotions produced by either party that created a “super highway” in the ether. (In the physical vessel we would call this myelination of neural pathways...same concept) There is so much thought or emotion behind this energy it becomes physical, tangible. It's truly a testament to the incredible power of our thoughts. This is exactly how we make a pathway to things we desire in life, we create a “channel” by spending time daydreaming, affirming, dream boarding….until it connects to a timeline. It's literally exactly the same thing. The down side comes when that cord or channel becomes 2 way...and you start to “receive” energy from the other person, place, or thing. (all totally possible)

So then you are receiving energy that is not a vibrational match to you, OR you have created a channel for this person, place or thing to just take, take, take from your life force/energy.

Cords/ energy channels are most commonly created between family members, friends, ex friends, lovers, ex lovers, & co workers. You can also have a channel open between you and a location or item. (haunted items, addictions, land curses)

We tend to think of cords or channels in a somewhat negative light like you are wanting to rid yourself of someone's yucky energy, so you cut a cord. That is the traditional metaphysical understanding common among metaphysical practitioners and spiritual workers. However I would challenge that thought to be more expansive.

When you have an argument with your friend, child, or partner, the extra - charged emotions produce chemicals, and the cords/channels are just one of the places it can go. You may find yourself reconciling with this person, but those supercharged yucko emotions are still there. Just because you “cut cords” with someone, doesn't mean you're “doing something bad” to them. Its not harmful to anyone. Or that your connection will be severed completely. What it means is that the yucko negativity won't attract any additional yucko negativity, specifically between the two of you. This hygiene of cord cutting/closing down channels keeps a healthy vibe between you and the other person. Think of it like cutting out the diseased parts of a tree or limb. The rest of the channel can recover & repair, and be 100% healthy again! (as long as you keep it clean) You're changing the vibration of the channel between you and the other person. (place or thing) and it’s going to result in better experiences!

In the case of a break up or a friend who sucks the energy from you, you CAN cut the cord/close the channel but that doesn't always mean it goes away 100%. Oneness has advised us that if you are really fully cutting off a connection with someone, its best to not only cut the cord but also sigil it on both sides with “STOP” the energy can regrow if either one of you are giving the other one some thoughts/attention which is likely bc cognitive brain/ neural pathways

Just one more thing I want to throw in before I move on to HOW to cut cords/close down an open channel.

PTSD & CPTSD are known forms of residual (somatic) trauma your body stores after your body experiences trauma. This is where western or clinical medicine gets a little narrow, they only know to look at pharmaceuticals or talk therapy, or whatever is in the DSM. No scientist can deny we are made of energy & matter. Therefore we cannot only work to repair the matter, we must also work with energy!

Keep in mind that trauma is completely individual. If you found something traumatic - you don't need anyone else's validation that it was traumatic. There's no graph to tell you if you experienced trauma, it's only you that can draw that conclusion. So please, please, don't wait for anyone's “approval” before you accept that you experienced something traumatic. Trust yourself. Ok I'm done with that tangent. (for now) I'll get to the point. Emotional chemistry from a traumatic experience, combined with habitual cognitive thoughts, creates a channel of energy, which actually decreases your ability to move forward. Energy hygiene can significantly improve your mental and physical health. Energy hygiene is like washing mud off your glasses . Everything is just perceived from a safer, healthier viewpoint. You just FEEL better.

*The intent must be purely for the highest and best of all parties involved. You cannot change someone's free will; you can't stop them from thinking about, or contacting you but you CAN change the energy that flows to you. You cannot be cutting cords with any malice or ill intent, it wont work. These changes are powerful and done as a commander of your universe. And the universe doesn't respond to highly emotional commands...that something else altogether.

Ok now onto the juicy bits! How to do it! If you are familiar with our Cellular Memory Clearing Process, you're already mostly there! You're just changing the intent and directives. I'm also going to give you the most thorough directions! If you are going to address energy, then let's do it all right ?

  • Get Into a comfortable, relaxed, meditative, prayerful state (whatever that looks like for you) (if you need help with this, here is a link to an audio to get you there)

  • Make the Command : “The command is to shut down the flow of energy between _______ & me “ OR “The command is to cut the energetic cords between _______ & me” (if you need help with commanding, here is a link to help your perspective: )

  • THEN VISUALIZE the channels being closed or the cords being cut, whatever you choose. (It's OK to use your imagination at first. You are the creator - you are creating when you “imagine” & combine it with pure intent)

  • When you feel finished, make the command again, and do the visualization again. For a total of 4 times (4 is a universal command at this time)

  • OPTIONAL: Visually & intentionally Place a “STOP “ sigil on BOTH sides of the cord or channel you severed.

This completes the cord cutting/channel closing. It's also a good idea to clear cellular memory of that cord or channel from your aura, from your timelines, and your physical vessel. If you visually see where the cord is attached to the physical vessel, clear cellular memory of that area of the body, including the organs in that area.

Close & clear cellular memory of the neural pathways & belief programs that supported this energetic cord in any way. (article here on close and clear neural pathways: ) **Keep in mind this is the same process. Command and visualize 4 times.

Closing energy channels is part of a good energetic hygiene practice. It gets easier every time you do it. I understand it might feel a little daunting at first. But this practice will heal and repair things in your body you cannot even fathom. It's preventative medicine, of your own kind.

Take Good Care of Yourselves,

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