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Do you have to relive trauma to heal it?

This is a powerful question, I remember talking to someone I know on the phone once who was in a downward spiral because of a “new therapy” she was trying. She had gotten triggered by this new therapy, and it took her months to feel like herself again. Because of this situation, when I became a trauma practitioner, It was important to me, and always at the forefront of my mind to make sure that I did my best to make deliberate decisions around the approach of trauma release.

The brain has absolutely no idea when something occurred. Information buried in the subconscious mind can and is triggered oftentimes by something seemingly mundane in your life. A smell, a sound, a particular phrase - all these things can trigger a trauma response. That response can be immediate and you can be reactive (pissed off) or you can dissociate and just metally check out of the situation. OR a trauma response can take a couple of days, and the response can be much more subtle. Most of us are so filled with stress and out of tune with our internal systems of our bodies, we only notice the big acute responses. And the slower responses to triggers go unnoticed, or blamed on something else entirely. We can honestly have a totally logical explanation on why we are pissed off about something in our life, that is actually a trauma response. This is still suppression, and it makes it worse. Ask me, I know (lol)

It works to our benefit that the brain does not know when something happened. It means we can work on things that happened last week, last month, in our childhood, or even another lifetime, without the concept of time getting in the way of our healing. When the scientific community begins to openly acknowledge that the reason some people are more resilient than others is because they were BORN that way, with less past life trauma in their subconscious, we will be able to take trauma healing up another significant level. You are a living consciousness outside of space and time, In fact you are just a tiny fractal of a huge intelligent consciousness. A ball of energy & frequency made manifest into a physical body. We are complex multidimensional beings, and physiology of humans is a fascinating field of study. This is where we find out about the autonomic nervous system, and how your body responds to stressors. Emotions are unique to humans. When we have them, they produce chemicals in our bodies that must be processed by our biology. If we suppress these emotions, and their toxins, meaning we don't make the physical movements, or sounds, that our bodies WANT to make, the autonomic nervous system cycle doesn't get to rise and fall as it should, our system can get “stuck” then everything that happens to us from this “stuck” perspective looks different than it would if we weren't “stuck”

The short answer is no, you do not have to rehash your trauma to heal it. Our bodies are advanced technology. Miraculous even! I am always an advocate of a multidimensional approach, and of meeting people where they are. Whatever your flavor, whatever your beliefs, cellular memory clearing will support and accelerate your healing. Cellular memory clearing is not specific to any religion or non religious belief system. We don't care if you call it something else. Prayer, meditation, journeying, intentional thought - doesn't matter! This means. You don't have to “dig in” to the trauma as an event, you don't have to think about it and how it changed your life. Our approach is to look at your life now. How do you respond to stressful situations? Are you easily irritated? Do you yell at your family members frequently ? Are you stressed at work? Can you finish projects? When was the last time you played? Or danced? Do you procrastinate? Do you drink too much? Eat too much? Gamble too much? Shop too much? Sex too much? And all for the wrong reasons? Do you feel temporary relief but then the drive to do it again? Then you have a behavior adaptation that soothes discomfort in your nervous system. There's no shame in it. We are all dysregulated. But we are the cyclebreakers. I guarantee you if you are reading this, you are a soul made of a certain kind of grit. Here to stop many toxic cycles, one of them being the release of so much collective trauma.If we are all able to look into our own patterns and those patterns that came from our family, collectively, globally we could, we will literally change the world.

So much is changing in scientific research, somatic practices, metaphysics, and in the trauma provider community. It is an absolutely amazing time to witness in human history, and Im glad I chose to be a part of it! What a revolution. Please continue to be smart on your healing journey and know that the help you need exists and is HERE. Welcome to 5D Earth

Until next time,

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