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Dream Time

Astral work is an important part of who we are spiritually. Our physical vessel needs rest, but our non physical body does not! LOTS of work happens at night while you are sleeping.

We meet up, team up with other souls that we may or may not know in (this) life. Our souls are passionate, and have specialties because of that passion. One of the questions that is very revealing about your souls passions, is asking what work your soul does at night. We discuss that during our classes, and our private sessions. It is so much fun to understand your soul more intimately, and to further understand how you are helping your soul family and the collective humanity at large. Talking about crazy dreams is definitely one of the most entertaining aspects of the work that we do, and inevitably, we can come up with questions that help teach us and others more about what we have access to at night in the astral realms. Here are a few of the most common questions from people we have come across. I hope that this helps shed some light on some things for you!

How can you know if its a spiritual visit, or just your brain?

Ok, so all though we subscribe to an "everything is spiritual" belief system, we also are equally grounded in biological science. And let me tell you, our brains come up with some DOOZIES!!

If a dream is SUPER REAL and you can recall that visceral reaction to your dream even years after, you definitely had spiritual visit/dream! If you dreamt of a deceased loved one, you had a visit.

Why don't I remember my dreams?

This happens because we each choose the level of amnesia that we want our life experience to have. What we have found is that those of us that don't remember our dreams have chosen to do more challenging astral work. "More challenging astral work" is a polite way of saying, stuff your human brain doesn't want to remember, and your better off not knowing, because then you can have a more authentic 3D experience here. I PROMISE YOU you are working at night, even if you don't remember your dreams! (or fall asleep when you try to meditate)

Why journaling your dreams are important ?

So like all books, there is 2 parts of the whole, there is the chapters and there are the whole books, if your lucky, you live long enough to publish a whole series of books!! So a single dream is like a chapter. Chapters can stand alone, but they usually are a part of the entire story. Put the chapters together, and you can begin to pull out a theme. These themes can tell you a lot about your soul, and what kinds of things you are working on while your sleeping. Writing these things down can also be helpful to review a few years later. Helpful hint: if you don't enjoy writing this much detail, use the notes section of your phone, and talk - to - text!

What can I do to "up my power" when I'm sleeping?.

Crystals! SOO many crystals that can help you while you are astral traveling! Place them under your bed, your pillow, or the corners of your room! I would consult your local metaphysical shop, tell them your goals, and they can help you pick the right crystals for you.

Side note: while we are on this topic, I cannot under state how important it is to keep your sleeping space sacred. Cleanse the bed mattress with sage or palo santo once a month.

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