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"Grief is a multifaceted response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something that has died, to which a bond or affection was formed. Although conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, it also has physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, cultural, spiritual and philosophical dimensions. While the terms are often used interchangeably, bereavement refers to the state of loss, and grief is the reaction to that loss. " ~ Wikipedia

You can look all around the internet and find advice on how to handle grief. But no explanation, no matter how eloquent, or thorough will capture what grief feels like for every person. Because grief is as individual as we are . Death was never something I was uncomfortable with. The way a person is born with a natural aptitude for sports or music, or spelling, I was born unafraid of dead things. I used to think it was the love of medical science that my older sister instilled in me, a natural curiosity maybe? None of that seem to fit. I settled on, "I'm just unfeeling and cold, with a morbid sense of humor" and that's how I identified for years, until spirit started "talking" to me, and I was able to understand myself on a different level. I have lived SO many lives, that I intuitively, innately understand death is not something to be horrified & debilitated by. Without words, I was able to piece together in my brain that death is just a transition. I never, not with one single ounce of my being thought we die, and that was it for us. No one had to tell me that, I just KNEW. The reason that I'm explaining my own experience is not out of some grandiose ego, but to say that I spent a long time, thinking that I was "broken". Because when people around me were falling apart with grief, I remained for the most part steady and unchanged by their passing. Sad that I would never physically SEE or TOUCH or SMELL the person again, but not incapacitated with loss to the point where I could not function. Don't get me wrong I have known that grief well too. My point being when I began to talk to people about grief, listen to people about grief, I was able to then look a the differences between how I responded to triggers for grief, and how they responded. NOT to say that MY way was right and theirs was WRONG, only that I was more emotionally comfortable... now WHY? With the help of my guides and The AG, I was able to analyze and pick apart the things that would have the biggest impact for the people that we work with. We found belief systems that were common in people struggling with grief, we found some common threads in their back stories, and most of all we found that creating a relationship with The Great I AM was the biggest missing piece! God is intimately, intrinsically intertwined in each and every souls life. It is sincerely beyond human comprehension. That love could not possibly ever stop. We as humans step into this focused physicality, and then begin to develop, through lived experiences beliefs & programs that close us off and separate ourselves from the love that Creator God/source energy is.

With all that I am, I believe that we (The AG Family) are helping to bridge that gap and replace that missing piece. Bringing peace, and love to every person who sits at the table with us, easing the grief they are feeling. Our unique way of connecting provides all that meet with us "proof" that life is eternal and the energetic consciousness that was their loved one, lives on and that relationships are eternal. This is so helpful in the healing process. In addition, we are able to help people release complicated feelings when we convey that there is no need for the one who continues in this physical existence to feel guilt or shame or judgement when a loved one passes, because when a soul transitions back into non physical, they are WHOLE again, and they flow through you, in every breeze that blows, every chime that sounds, every penny that is left, every cardinal that visits, every dove that coos, every child that laughs and every thought you think, they flow through you. You are a part of the most magnificent creation in the history of ever. God's proudest achievement. You are loved with a love that is incomprehensible by the human mind.

Have NO doubt that your loved one 'lives on' and the only thing separating you from communing with them is yourself. We are here to help you connect and eventually , if you want to, we want to empower you to connect with them yourself on a whim, on demand, because I promise, they stand ready for you. With God's eternal blessing.

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