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How I Meditate

Just the word meditation conjures up the vision of yogis in robes cross-legged on the mountain top for hours. In fact the first time spirit suggested meditation to build our intuitive skills. I distinctly remember laughing.

However in the years since that initial suggestion, I have moved from laughing out loud to the idea of meditation to it being a daily practice. It is shamelessly my intention to convince you to try it (or if you’re already doing it, to try it differently) because of the benefits. Whether your goals are physical, emotional, or spiritual healing the benefits of a daily practice are astronomical.

We've got a Facebook Group you can join where all the talk is about cells & healing!

Meditation is a self care practice that involves exercising the mind in order to be able t

o sustain a focus, or brainwave that benefits you in some way.

There are many different kinds of meditation, and it can take its flavors from many different cultures but generally the idea is the same:

You take a comfortable position

You use some technique or method to quiet the mind. (Breathing, sound, visualization etc) in an attempt to help the monkey mind stop swinging for a bit while the cells do their thing. And you attempt to sit in the present moment.

This has massive benefits:

-Cultivate the skill of non judgment & non reactivity

-Brings awareness to the body

-Brings down blood pressure and general stress reduction

-Supports nervous system regulation

-Connects you to higher versions of your inner self, guides/angels (whatever your belief system is)

You can reach a meditative brain wave when you are creating, singing, walking, dancing, hiking….

You don’t HAVE to sit in a chair!

Doesn’t this all sound absolutely amazing ?

Then why so much resistance? (Or in my case laughter 😂)

I can’t ignore the obvious colonialism and white washing of the western world as “reason” number one. Somewhere along the line we lost our ability to connect and have our own experiences, and we decided it was ok to let someone else decide for us about something that is so personal as our own spirituality. It was easier than a daily self practice after all. There was work to do, and money to be made.

Secondly, our all important nervous systems. When we are not distracted by work, family, & technology (or a million other things) The quiet can be very alarming for our nervous systems. Particularly when we have been through any sort of trauma. The quiet can allow things to rush to mind, cause the feet to move & hands to fidget. Making achieving that all important zen brain wave

a bit out of reach sometimes. Don’t worry ! We can work through that !

We have worked with so many types of people over the years helping them & their cells get to the juicy part of healing work with Cellular Memory Clearing Process™️… More on that later

Ok back to me 😂

I started with guided meditations in the beginning. You tube has an amazing plethora and as a group our inner circle found about 60 favorites that exercised different parts of the intuitive muscles. We find it highly beneficial to build all the intuitive muscles not just settle for one.

Then I made it to binaural beats, white noise, and solfeggio frequencies. I absolutely LOVED these. I had some of my most vivid and most meaningful connections with frequency playing in the headphones. It is still my preference anytime I use sound.


These days, I don’t even call it meditation. I’ve never liked the word “journeying” either. But I am using my meditation practice to facilitate cellular healing for my clients, and for my family, and myself. My trained brain can enter into a theta brainwave in mere seconds. And I can get to the business of communicating with cells, changing code, altering vibrations, identifying areas of density and listening for other information. I am so far from my original vision of meditation, I’m still laughing about it just as I did that first day, but for a completely different reason. I leaned in to my own preferences and came out of this being called “shaman” by some council in another dimension. Crazy !? I’ve never publicly said that. It happened well over two years ago and I don’t use it as a marketing tool or a title on my website. I had my own experience. No certifications no classes. Just day after day of my burning desire to heal myself and others. What you can learn in one moment of your own experience supersedes lifetimes of trying to learn something from someone else.

More than anything this is what we want for all whom we work with.

You can meditate in any way you want to. But the way we teach it cooperates with the current planetary energy. It is the sacredness that was lost in Jesus’s time. To know how to intentionally will your cells to work for you not against you. To heal, not become diseased. Best of all it’s not all woo woo dancing around a fire and conjuring gods either. It’s simple, fast, clean, & articulate. It fits into your life. It’s standard 5th dimensional stuff.

Hopefully this sounds pretty good to you by now and you’re ready to give it a go? If so, first join our Facebook Group where all the live trainings happen, the newly channeled info is released, and new workshops are announced.

Then grab the free e-book here :

OR Join us on the first Sunday of every month for a drop in style class ($20) in your PJs and experience the flow of CMCP guided by yours truly.

The world is always changing. Our cellf care should change too! We would love to walk with you though this phase of your life and cheer you on ! Connect to us on all socials, take a class …let’s get to know each other!

See you in the Game,


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