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How I Scan the body

It makes it sound somewhat robotic, but its the only word that really captures what I am doing when I enter someone's space & am poking around in it. I'm going to write about 2 different methods. One was the way I was taught to scan a person, one was how I actually ended up doing it. But first I want to emphasize there IS NO ONE WAY. My way will not be your way, but I also believe that when we are very new to intuitive practice, we need a bouncing off point. If your not new to it, then maybe you can find something useful here that might be added to your toolbox of techniques. Ya never know.

The original method I learned was this:

Take a few deep cleansing breaths

Ground yourself by taking your consciousness deep into mother earth, scooping up a piece of her and bringing it back up through your body, and into your heart space. linger there a moment and take a few breaths.

Continue to take your awareness up through your jaw and into your third eye, then up further to your crown, and hold this for just a few seconds. A nice glowing ball of gold like will be floating above your head. Now take this glowing ball, and position it over top of the person you are trying to scan. Begin to bring the glowing ball of awareness down that persons body. first to their forehead, then their face, their shoulders, their breast and heart, their stomach and trunk and intestines and reproductive organs, then down their legs and feet. Then come back up to the top of their head, and repeat. As you are scanning, you want to see if you see/sense or feel anything about the area you are focused in on. This is where a strong connection to your guides is helpful as well as any past training you may have . This is also where your individual akashic gifts begin to show. Do you HEAR or SEE words or phrases? Can you FEEL or SENSE pain or temperature? No one is going to get messages in quite the same way, but you do want to pay attention because eventually patterns emerge. That becomes your individual signs with your non physical team. You will build these signs and symbols for validation and strength of communication.

Here are a few examples of non specific nudges I get from spirit .

I'm scanning someone and I get a pull to linger around the shoulder area, They feel heavy to me. I know this person is carrying more than they need to/more than is healthy for their cells. If the heaviness is on the left side, it is there burden and we need to do healing work & cellular clearing focused on them. If the heaviness is in the right shoulder area I know this is a burden they have taken on from some one else and I have another set of clearing processes for this.

I'm scanning and I get just to the facial/head area. Spirit Shows me a column graph. this is my symbol that means Depression/anxiety/hormones are off.

I'm scanning a body and I get a pull to the reproductive organs. These are sensitive topics usually. So before I start a conversation with the client, I ask for more details from spirit. I will ask, what organ more specifically? what do I need to know here? Then, I can begin to ask questions to the client. Lots of possible traumas are carried in the root area of the body. So this can make a hefty shift for a client.

I 'll never forget my first reiki class. The lady laying on the table for me to practice on was in her mid sixties. I was supposed to feel into the chakras, but instead spirit took me right to the organs. I was pulled to her right ovary, and I asked her if she had had a miscarriage or abortion.

She started sobbing. I was suddenly snapped back to reality and I felt absolutely terrible. She said that in her 20's she got pregnant and ended up having to have a DNC. It was so traumatic for her. She cried for a good long time. She was amazed that this came up. I was so surprised myself, I was "off my game" luckily my instructor was able to walk us all through the healing work. I didn't know it then, but this was the beginning of something I would become so passionate about.

Now that I am a few years and hundreds of clients later, my process for scanning is much different. I start just above the head and begin to scan down. That's it. LOL quite a bit abbreviated huh? I'm mentioning this not to be braggadocios, but to point out that with energy work, just like the story I just told you about my reiki training, you often end up somewhere completely different than where you started, and that is absolutely 100 percent OK!

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