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Is My Deceased Loved one Happy?

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

By FAR one of the most frequently asked questions from clients when we sit down to the AG is "is _______ happy?" I have to be honest, I used to struggle with this a lot. I would think to myself "of course they are happy, that's so silly" but as always non physical posse delivered me a person to help me become a more well rounded person! (they are amazing at that ) Something was said at a private party that helped me shift perspective. I asked the lady sitting across from me if she believed that life is eternal. Thinking of course her answer would be yes, and I was taken aback when she said "no, I didn't exist before the sperm and the egg got together" I spent some time asking her some more questions but the very bottom of a lot of her personal struggles became clear. She did not understand her eternal nature. She believed that this life was it for her, and at the end of it she would die, and if she was good while she lived, she would then get to live in heaven with God for all eternity. This woman became a regular client of mine for healing work. Often times it would come up how limiting this belief system was, but she was never really ready to let go of it until she had her second experience with the AG and she asked "is my dad happy" . I told her then what I'm about to tell you here now, I said "let me explain something to you"

"There are more things in heaven and Earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your Philosophy"

-William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

I know very little with absolute certainty. But down to my very core, I know that you are an eternal being. Your "soul" is old. It travels around the universe, it travels to other universes, and your soul CHOOSES whatever experience it wishes to have when you are non physical, and then a PART, (and ONLY a part) of you comes to earth to have a HUMAN, sensory rich, tactile experience, and that is where your focus is now. Because only experience teaches. Someone can tell you all day long what butter pecan ice cream tastes like, but words do it no justice, only putting it in your mouth and having the experience teaches you what it is. Take that analogy and apply it to all things and life experiences and you can start to understand how important it is to be here, on earth, with all of its sensory rich experiences. All of this is done with the intention of love and expansion as the priority above all else. And creator God, "The Great I AM" is pure positive creation energy that goes on and on eternally with no end, ever expanding humanity to more and more and more throughout all of "time" as we know it to be.

So if you can get behind the idea that we are eternal beings, now comes the part about perspective that is so critical to your expansion. I always use the analogy of a fork in the road here. When you are in the middle of something, really immersed in it.... lets say a problem in life, its like walking down a gravel road. There are choices to make, and you see that the road splits off into 2 or 3 or 5 additional roads. From your life (on the gravel road perspective) you can't see that one road leads to a dead end, one road has sticky goo, and one road is smooth sailing... BUT from helicopter view, you can easily see which one of the roads you should go down. When you can't SEE from the helicopter view you panic, you over think, you analyze, its downright stressful! THAT is what it is like to be a 3D thinking person. A person who believes that this life is truly it for them, and judgement day awaits! But when you can absorb the idea that you are an eternal being, doesn't the decision which road to take this ONE time seem a little less stressful? The details a little less important? Now its more like hmmmmm, do I want to be free and easy this time, or do I want the growth that comes from taking a bumpier, gooeyer road. ? (Is gooeyer even a word ? lol) And the more times you go over the roads the more adventurous you get , wanting challenges and experiences and contrast to help you become a bigger better version of yourself! And on and on it goes for all time, eternally. This is a waaay oversimplified explanation, but I hope that you are getting the picture!

Its important to understand that NO ONE can come to an understanding of anything unless they are interested, and wanting to learn more. We live in a free will universe, free will reigns supreme! I'm not here to talk you into anything, but to share with you the knowledge that divine beings have shared with us at The A.G. I will always tell you to use your OWN guidance system, and FEEL into what is being said and if it resonates with your soul. Anytime someone is showing the desire, and the intention to learn more they open a metaphorical door to the cooperative components of the universe & your non physical posse.

I feel like you would be hard pressed to find a human today that has not had some experience that indicates to them that there is something else existing in this world than is physically explained in our school books. And as God source energy intended, we are ever expanding, eternally loved physically focused energy.

"Nothing IS and remains in its beginning form it is always expanding"

- Abraham Hicks

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