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Living the Energetic Life

Lots of people have lots of reasons and intentions when they start walking a path to learn about energy. Even more people dabble, but don't commit to the lifestyle. Mindful, intentional things that bring awareness, and cultivate energetic success. To sum it up, you get what you put into it.

Over the years, we have found things that reliably make a difference in our lives and Id like to share those with you here. They are tenants of living the energetic life .


Remember that saying “you are what you eat”??

What you put in your body is more important than our mamas ever even knew !

From an energetic perspective the mom food you eat has a consciousness, able to interact intelligently with your unique physiology.

What IS important is your INTENTION (surprise surprise) by Your intention alone you can code your food to be the perfect fit for you and exactly what your body needs.

Somewhere along the line we went from thanking the food for its sacrifice (think indigenous peoples beliefs) to being thankful FOR the food (that we have Jesus/God to thank, and we are lucky to have what we have)

That’s a huge shift. Bypassing so much. This bypassing causes a disconnect, when we as humans are already so disconnected. Plants, animals, and Gaia are all allies serving us energetically whether we appreciate it or not. But what if we could ? What would that change ? I’m leaving that there for you to draw out your own conclusions.

Spirit simply stated that there is an opportunity with your food that most of us tend to miss.

Blessing/imprinting your food energetically would benefit your body.

Here’s some statement ideas for ways to energetically imprint your food.

Thank you food for being exactly what my physical vessel needs in this moment.

I bless the ground this grew in , the hands that procured it, and allow my body to accept the nutrients it needs

Creator, the command is to clear cellular memory of any low vibrational frequency in this meal. (Repeat 4x)- and know you can create a sigil or symbol for future use

My body knows exactly the nutrients to use as fuel and how to safely discard the toxins.

I trust my body

Along those same lines is the concept of blessing/charging /imprinting your water. If you really want to dig into the research on this - I highly recommend looking into the study done & book published by Masaru Emoto “The Hidden Messages in Water” The short version is your physical vessel is 70% water. So imagine filling your vessel to that full 70% with something the equivalent of holy water ... yes. Powerful. Healing. Probably one of the best changes I ever made in my life! This is also great because you can do it for your family You can instill any feeling you want into your water as long as it is for the highest good for all. Love , compassion, safety, joy... anything. Just spend a few moments and intentionally put emotion into the water. Visualize it. Once you get comfortable it only takes a few seconds. Alternatively you could create a sigil for this.

Some statement ideas:

Thank you water , bless you water

The command is this water be charged with .....

This water is cleared of all impurities and charged with _____

In addition you can print words like love, safety, compassion, joy onto the water container in some way

You can also use frequency to charge the water. Tuning forks, bowls, music playing near the water. All these are effective methods to charge your water

Filling your body needed nutrients is much different than mindlessly filling it with some nutrients and chemical toxins. (Lets me honest food is pretty messed up with chemicals right now) BUT none of that matters. What matters is your intention. You CAN change the molecular structure of what you put in yours and your family’s bodies with just some awareness & intention


Meditation allows the brain to come off line for a bit, and allows your source essence to be able to get to you without the “interference” of “monkey brain “ Allowing your souls source essence to get to your physical vessel like this is grounding & healing for all the cells of your body. It is also a time when spirit may hijack you - and take you to places you could never imagine. Part of the fun of this is that you truly never know! It’s play. It’s not serious, but it has serious benefits!


you can work and work and work on your physical vessel but if you are living or working in an environment with dense, toxic residual energy. It really doesn’t help you ! We recommend once a week cleanings of all your environments. Home, work, car, garage- and again, this is something you can do for your family! Start with more frequent cleansings, then you can taper off.

You can use the smoke of your choice. Palo Santo, sage , or other dried grasses & herbs to clean your space. The idea here is that the density of the smoke grabs the residual energy and alchemizes it.

Crystals then charge the space with energy they intrinsically hold.

You can also charge /bless/imprint your space much like you do your water & food. By commanding the energy in the space.

Here’s some examples of statements for cleansing :

The command is all negative and stagnant energy in this space be released.

I charge this space with Love light and peace (or whatever emotion you choose)

You can also use smoke to cleanse your outside spaces ! Don’t be shy! Light it up!!

Although I won’t give directions here I DO want all to know that it IS possible to cleanse the residual energy of the land, & the grid system of the planet. As well as trees, rocks and so on. This is something we talk about in our Patreon groups , and some souls are even born with ancient wisdom in this skill. As we come back to remembering our gifts things like this present themselves and we walk that person through it with spirit. It’s important that I mention it be who knows maybe I will trigger YOUR remembering!


By far the most annoying but important thing to do on your spiritual path as well as during any phase of intentional healing work in your life. I have a hard time SLOWING down and DOing This.

However, when I made it a priority In my life, I was always glad that I did. You think you will remember the crazy dream, or the cathartic dance, or whatever experience your soul had. And you might, but most don’t. Journaling releases negative energy, helping your brain & in turn your nervous system process. It also serves as a witness for your life. Which is so important- but over all the most important aspect of this is that it gives you time for YOU. We have had some amazing writers in our Patreon groups. People who use writing to channel spirit. It’s not drudgery as I initially believed, it’s actually therapeutic and life giving .

MANTRAS What I like about mantras is they are a busy persons best friend. It’s a bit like brain washing really - your getting you mind & cells on board by repeating over and over a “mantra” Mantras can be anything really as long as they are aimed at expanding. You can do them in the car, on the toilet , While rocking your baby, cleaning your house. The power is in the repetition here. We use mantras every week in our Patreon group- we channel a mantra that can be used to expand our soul - here’s some ideas to get you started !

I am allowing

I am in alignment with my highest and best

I am worthy

I am divine

Are you picking up a pattern here ? Good ! You should be. I AM is one of the most powerful phases in the universe. Pay attention to ANYTHING you say that comes out as “I AM”


The short version here is sigils exceed language. They carry energy, and intention they are not a shortcut but an imprinted symbol that cuts through the BS of language because as you are creating it, your emotions are imprinted. On this planet, 3D is THE most physically dense and therefore the most powerful when it comes to moving energy. Sigils (light language, symbols, wards) are a manifestation of the combined power of physical and metaphysical

I recommend you take a short class or you like to learn more about sigils and their history. Jen Serovy is a local practitioner that offers an affordable and introspective one time class to get you more information.

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