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Our Top 5 Suggestions To Connect to Your Deceased Loved Ones

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Over the past few years, some questions inevitably have come to the forefront as the most frequently asked. Among them; how can I connect to my loved ones myself? This month, we want to share some of our top 5 suggestions for connecting within another dimension! But first, let’s set the stage, and talk about your expectations.

If you're expecting your transitioned spouse to appear as a full on apparition in front of you all the time you may want to reconsider. It takes quite a store of energy and coordination to manifest. And honestly it’s not very common for beings of the light.

What’s more likely is that you might “see” them with your mind's eye. Even more common is that you may only “see” them out of the corner of your eye or FEEL them near you, which is often perceived as “watching” you. Being able to “only “ see them out of the corner of your eye is a blessing. The human eye was not biologically made to see into these other dimensions. Once it happens though, it does tend to create a stronger desire for more contact in your heart and soul. Especially as it relates to missing a loved one. It's a natural reaction to missing them. Spirit is very careful to make sure you know that although your loved ones ARE definitely with you, they are indeed transitioned and they carefully avoid you being “addicted” to the contact with them as you are here for this human experience, and your focus (should be) in this now present moment.

Like anything else in your body, intuition is a muscle. You can’t deadlift (pun intended) 300 pounds on your first or second or even 5th try! And you don’t get better by sitting on the bench NEAR the weights and crying about how you can’t do it. You have to TRY. There’s the exertion of effort and it can be challenging. But you keep trying, and eventually you work up to it, and you get it. Intuition is the same way. We all have that muscle we were born with it, we just don’t use it very often. Sort it like me actually having abs but I don’t work on them 😜

HOW spirit connects with you is really dependent on your on- board sensory receptors & your nervous system. There’s lots of labels here - that just aren’t important right now. Just BE OPEN to everything. And you can’t fail! So now, without further ado... our top 5 suggestions for connecting with other dimensions!

#1: Know it is possible

Fear and doubt will knock a human down a notch given any opportunity. So don’t give it. If you need convincing, read some books about the afterlife, study NDE’s, learn about energy and how it cannot die, it only changes form. However you get there, you need to believe that it’s possible.

#2: Clear beliefs that impede your intuition

Religious, familial, cultural beliefs can all deeply imprint your personality in ways you don’t consciously realize. Knowing yourself and your beliefs, processing & integrating your own traumas are all of the utmost importance because the chemicals that these emotions emit cloud your ability to tune in to other dimensions.

#3: Talk out loud to your guides and ancestors

Yes, you can do it in your head. But speaking it out loud moves more energy. Once you do that you begin to add density to the emotional energy cord between you and that personality. Like a driving on a highway instead of walking on a sidewalk. Ask for signs- be specific- dreams are a common way spirit try’s to reach you bc it’s easier in the astral realm. keeping a dream journal is also a good idea. After awhile you might start to notice patterns or concepts that are coming through.

#4: Meditate

Our world is so fast paced. Everyone demands our time and attention. It’s literally impossible to tune into spirit while you are in the beta brain wave. That’s the wave we spend the most time in here. Busy & action oriented, it doesn’t allow your antenna to tune into the non physical realms. We do better in Theta or alpha which happens when we are in meditation. You can think Of meditation as a bicep curl. Every time you do it, that muscle gets stronger, and next time is easier. AND NO COMPLAINING !

#5: You can’t fail

ok so it’s kind of a repeat of #1, but stay with me here. There is no failure. It’s impossible. Get out of your own way and don’t overthink it. I guarantee that by just focusing on your loved ones they are activated in your vibration and they are there. That’s how the science works. If you are struggling to connect, go back and clear up limiting beliefs, or grief. Take care of yourself, and keep trying. Remember the comparison to weight lifting? You don’t go to the gym and get ripped on day one. It takes effort. Is it easier for some than others? Yes. Absolutely. But that doesn’t make it impossible. Lucky you, spirit always has your back.

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Sandy Merritt
Sandy Merritt
Feb 27, 2021

It is indeed possible! If I didn't know Bill was beside me every day, I couldn't do this. I was just thinking earlier today how lucky I am that I can feel his presence and can talk to him every day, which I do.

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