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Pendulums & Self Healing

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Using Your Pendulum for Healing

People who are new to us might not know how healing focused we are. This means that most metaphysical/energetic tools available to us, somehow we are able to use to focus on healing/ cellular repair work. In this time in humanity’s expansion, it's important to clear old belief programming, and also the cells of our physical bodies. This will continue for a long time, long after I am transitioned from this physical incarnation. And it benefits not only YOU to clear cells and heal old trauma, but also future generations, as well as the earth itself. With so much going on in the world right now, wouldn't it be awesome to be able to arrive on the other side of the veil and be able to say you upheld your promise to respect and take care of yourself and others while you were in a physical form?

Many who are interested in spiritual concepts are soon introduced to a little thing called a pendulum. A pretty cool little tool, most people will use it to obtain yes or no answers and use it as a divination tool. Which is perfect, that is absolutely perfect ! I first want to tell you what I know about using a pendulum in general, and then talk a little bit about using the pendulum for self improvement/healing

Ok first HOW do they work? Pendulums “work” because of the tiny nerves in the tips of your fingers, that is how spirit can move it - sending electrical pulses through your nerves.

To GET to your nerves though, it has to go through your consciousness…. SO, can you guess what that means? YOU are the literal “medium” through which the message passes. (a little metaphysical “punny” there) since it's being filtered through your consciousness, that means the answers can be misinterpreted by your lower dimensional consciousness. I don't mean this to discourage you, just to inform, and remind you to do your very best to clear your mind & believe in the process before asking the question. The other bit I feel like you should know is that unless you specifically intend, and spend time clearing your mind, you will likely get answers from some version of yourself. This is great! Your building trust with yourself and your energy channels are more open and flowing. Sometimes tho, those other versions of yourself are seeing things through “your’ lens...albeit a higher dimensional truth, its likely not THE highest truth. Again, I am not telling you this because I want to discourage you, but I think most of us are looking for the highest truth our consciousness can handle, and you don't know unless someone tells you right? I'm that person apparently. Very “Sheldon” of me I know. Ok one more “pendulum disclaimer” I want to throw out there. Since we are human we like to have physical movement. When we are working with spiritual self development, the idea is to eventually be able to come to the answers in your gut, not depend on a divination tool. I would love for you to look at this as a transitional item, bridging the gap of physical and non physical. And no one gets to tell you when the “transition” is done, but eventually we want to be able to discern how answers FEEL in our bodies, rather than depending on a tool.

TIP: As you are sitting down, hold the pendulum above the palm of your hand you have a chakra there, I believe it makes it easier for non physical to get it moving. Say out loud or in your head "move this only when I am connected to my highest truth"

Ok so now that you are aware of the disclaimers of using a pendulum… let's get to the FUN stuff! I first saw a pendulum at a ghost hunt. Other gals were using it to communicate with spirit. Valid, very common use for pendulum. (remember you are talking to another version of self usually, if you're “speaking” to residual energy without a consciousness, you would in essence be using the pendulum as a translator right? So higher you can step in and translate...make sense?) The second exposure I had with pendulum was during Reiki 1 training. The instructor used the pendulum to check the size and rotation of chakras. I struggled at first because I had to build some trust in the process. I also struggled with crystals not responding for me. Once I found a titanium ball pendulum, I was in business. I used it to validate my instincts to feel into a certain chakra, I would first feel the denseness in the energy, then check the pendulum for blockage or spin. Notice how it was used as validation, not for answers.

At this time I use my pendulum with programming codes. I channel the string of binary numbers and check the accuracy of my channeling with the pendulum. I know that at some point I will be confident enough to ditch the pendulum, but I will pick it back up again when a new process comes through that I feel needs that level of accuracy.

In regard to healing work, especially when you are facing your own patterns that you would like to clear, a pendulum can help you. Let’s say you are working through “fear of financial lack” meaning a fear that there is never enough money, your struggle with money, and you want to clear dense energy that could be causing financial resistance. So you sit down with your pendulum with the intention for this.

Q(uestion) : I FEEL inside me that I have a program that vibrates with a fear of lack

P(endulum): “yes”

Q: is this program ready to be released?

P: “yes”

Q: Is every cell of my body ready to release this program?

P: “yes”

Q: how many sessions of clearing will it take to completely release this? 1?.....(wait for answer) 2?….(wait for answer) 3?…(wait for answer)

P: “yes” (to three)

NOW you have validated that the programming CAN/IS READY to be released (sometimes it's not, you may have to feel into this more)

You know your body is not going to clench onto it, and not let it go (your using your higher cognitive brain here, to tell the body what to do) and you know HOW LONG/HOW MANY SESSIONS it will take for you to completely release the program All this information is SO powerful when accompanied with the cellular memory clearing process.

Sometimes you get a resistant belief program and it helps to understand where this belief is coming from - you can ask questions like :

Did I take this belief from someone else (then try to identify whom)

Am I carrying this belief due to a past life experience?

Am I carrying this belief due to a parallel life/entanglement experience? (if another version of you is benefitting it will be harder to release but not impossible)

Always clear your mind, and follow your instincts but hopefully you see how the pendulum can be used for healing work instead of (just) talking to spirits. Do you use your pendulum for validation? Let me know in the comments how you are using one ! Take good care of yourself until we chat again!

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1 Comment

Traci Kaplan
Traci Kaplan
Nov 10, 2021

I had also heard that you can use pendulums to talk to plants, and I'm guessing help in their healing or at least to help keep them happy.

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