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"Rules" For the AG

What you might like to know about our unique process

Over the two years that we have been faithful students of expanding our minds and ascension, there have been times....many times...when we've wanted to pull our hair out. We ask a question, guides won't answer …. "WHYYYYYYY!?" like whiny little toddlers throwing a fit we were. "It will come" they said. "It's complicated" they said. There were times I wanted to face palm myself right on into my next incarnation...and yet we persisted. And guess what. They were right. (insert eyeroll emoji here bc I have a sense of humor and so do they) It did come, and its still coming. This universe is truly complicated because of allll the many layers. Its like that project at work that has so many departments involved and coordinators that it seems like you can't just make it go together in your own your own way...yep...because its not just up to you REQUIRES the input and collaboration of all the departments. Its kinda like that.

Guides don't tell you "all of the things" because its our "job" to go inside and find the answers for ourselves. If they gave us the answers all the time, we would never expand as a soul and expansion is why were here. Its kind of the purpose of life. For everyone. And here's something cool: when you learn things and resonate with the answers, you add to the collective consciousness. HOW COOL! Collective consciousness is just cool in general.

SO, so far, here are the "rules" The Great I AM laid down for us from the beginning. (Why we can't tell you certain things)

RULE #1 We cannot violate the sacred law of free will. One of the most shocking things I learned doing this, is that free will supersedes God's will. I'll go more in depth in another post but this is super interesting and empowering.

RULE #2 We cannot "test" them Don't be asking "whats the special name you used to call me when I was little" or "what was the name of the dog we had"

RULE #3 We cannot "fortune tell" Possible timelines are nearly impossible to predict. Too many variables! The reason that a "regular" psychic can sometimes fortune tell is because they have a gift of viewing future timelines you carry in your energy field. But that is absolutely based on the very moment you present in front of this "regular" psychic. If you went back to the same psychic the very next day, its entirely possible that your timelines have shifted and new possible timelines are available to you or some from the previous day are collapsed, its a thing. Time is a sincerely difficult concept to grasp for the human brain. With the way the AG works, its impossible to share with you all your future timelines so they just don't share any. Plus by telling you "yes, this is going to happen" it violates free will again, because by them saying YES this is going to happen it solidifies it in your brain, and collapses out other potential outcomes, so its like they are making the decision for you not you. WRONG, no can do!

RULE #4 they wont tell you your name in a past life, or an ancestors name. Its important to focus on this life, now. some informations about a past life is helpful in understanding your common themes and general souls purpose. Too much detail, and humans become obsessive and it goes sideways. So that's a no go. Respect the unknown

So if you ever get the chance to have a private session with is and you are disappointed with some of your answers because they fall under the categories listed above, just know we have been there too! Believe me, if I could wield this thing like a sword in my life to eliminate all my troublesome events, and tell me the lotto numbers I might consider it. (ok I really wouldn't, and that's part of why this thing actually works for us the way it does) We are always of the light, our intentions are pure, and we never use the AG to make decisions for you or ourselves, & we are always respectful of the souls we speak with both physical and non physical. We do this to provide comfort and education, to empower you, to heal, and most of all to build your relationship with the Great I AM so that you can reap the benefits of all that comes with that.

With Much Love -

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