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Self Love (Feb 2021)

February is the month of Love. Candies, roses, diamonds if your lucky. All under the guise of declaring your love for that special someone else. Eek. But Is that love ? Really ? The presents are fun- but I don’t believe that’s where we are at anymore as a collective. At least not in the people that I know would be reading this ! Maybe it’s time to move on from this “hallmark holiday” I’m not saying love isn’t worth celebrating... but can we do it without consuming ? Can we do it with words? hugs? art? affection? Can we get creative ? Or what if.... we turn it all on it’s side, and make February about SELF love? WHOAH. Yes. Heaven knows we all need more self love. More worthiness. And after 2020 we can’t show up to said self love effort half assed. If anything, 2020 taught us that anything can happen.

So live... whatever that means to you. Stop existing. And truly live. The courage to do so has to start somewhere. And any good scientist will tell you we heal from the inside. That’s where the courage lives, and where the courage to live comes from. It starts within you. It’s deep & it’s messy. But so far, what I have seen - it’s worth it. But how do we cultivate this self love ? bubble baths & massages? Those things are self love. But are they building a deep sense of compassion for the self ? After working with clients (& honestly myself) I have found some action items that I believe are helpful when you start to build this relationship with yourself. And I DO MEAN relationship. A committed relationship. It takes daily, little things. Life is truly made up of those little things and the relationship you have with yourself is no different. Below some of our best “self love” action items. 1: learn Cellular memory clearings:

2: keep a “compliments journal” .. every time you get a compliment- jot it down. No judgement. 3: use affirmations/mantras that relate to self love 4: bless your water !!!

5: Every time you catch yourself negative self talking - say “clear cancel delete” Don’t be afraid to enlist your partners (or someone else’s) help here. To catch you when you slip. Build that relationship. Speak your truth at every opportunity. Be yourself. Love yourself enough to be who you and your creator intended you to be when you incarnated on this planet! Your worth it ! Your ripple of effect is worth it.

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