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Something's Going on in My House

Weirdness in your house? What to do

We get so many emails and work with so many

Clients that have “weird” things happening in their homes.

Many families have kids involved so they are super

concerned about how it is impacting their children.

In order to understand “weirdness” in the house

you have to understand that means soooooo many different things and can have soooooo many different

causes. The biggest mistake I see happening is a family starts to notice things are happening and the fear kicks in. All the movies they have ever seen, the Discovery Channel

shows, and they panic. They have a damned demon there to steal their soul. *SIGH* this is HIGHLY sensationalized and pretty darn inaccurate. You can even be so swept up in it, you dont realize that you HAVE a fear. (so common) So below I'm going to highlight some of the more common issues families deal with in regard to energy and how we transmute them. Just in case it happens to you :-)

#1 - Residual Energy

Hands down the most common thing people deal with. When you get highly emotional, this energy radiates off you and gets absorbed by the space around you. The walls, the wood, the furniture, pretty much anything in the space can absorb the energy. Now if you are a person who lives in chaos, or a person who is highly reactive or you don't know how to manage your emotions, this situation repeats over and over and over again over several years, this energy can begin to build up and form a consciousness. Even more time, and it can become a consciousness with a goal. Like a fungus that continues to grow, and you must intentionally address it. We do that by cleansing the home with some sort of smoke, (palo santo, sacred grasses, sage) , maybe even salt or holy water in some cases. But in addition, you must also address the issue which is mis-managed emotions, stress or chaos. This can be where a fear based mind set jumps in, and makes things worse. The people in the house are scared and think there's a demon or something else. THEN, that fear is like the ultimate fuel to the residual energy, and it starts to figure out that scaring you, gives it the fuel it needs to get stronger. And the cycle continues until it is addressed.

Here's a secret/unpopular opinion: SPIRITS DO NOT GET TRAPPED that is not a thing that happens. Fractals of them can get left behind and the ego (of a reader/intuitive) can perceive it as being a trapped soul. But this is a waste of time and energy and usually resources. Souls that need to cross over know how to do it, and hanging around your house is not going to get it done. FRACTALIZED PIECES of TRAUMA that a soul experienced CAN however hang around, and do exactly as I described above, and grow into something with a consciousness and a goal. This takes YEARS, and can be taken care of quickly and efficiently with the proper cleansing, and knowledge.

#2 - portal

There are so many kinds of portals. They can move, they can be permanent. They can be attached to the land or created by a person. There are interdimensional portals, water portals there are death & conjuring portals, tiny portals, football field sized portals. Portals could be someone’s entire area of study. It's that complicated. If you are lucky enough to live in a home with a portal, you may experience some weird things in your home. Particularly electrical, or pressure things. In addition you would probably see beings of some type “passing through”

They can hang around the portal for a while, remember time here is much much slower, but it’s temporary. Most frequently what happens is people think they are seeing the same being over and over, but it's different beings using the portal, and the portal is what is always there. You CAN have a portal closed if it's causing you some sort of duress but according to our sources (The Collective of Oneness) when they are manually closed they never “fully” close.

Once you get used to the idea, and you are not scared of it, it can be kind of fun !

#3 - spirit passing through

What I mean by this, is someone in your house is a sensitive and some sort of being has seen their light and been attracted to it. I cannot tell you the amount of beings that just “hang around” me. They don't want anything they are just watching. They are just “passing through” I know this happened to my mom too when I was a child. I personally tend to attract the more galactic variety, they don't talk much. LOL Well some do. But it just happens. We as intuitives/light bringing humans need to learn that there are things out there in the non physical. And they are always around . It's not a scary thing, it's a NORMAL thing. If you match frequency with a being thats passing through you might pick up on their presence. Most commonly if you are a sensitive person it may feel like someone is just watching you, you may catch something out of the corner of your eye, you may feel a pressure or temperature change.You always have the ability to tell them to leave.

#4 - attachment

So many different kinds of attachments. Also something that people have made scary that doesn't need to be. This is a lot like when you have a residual energy living in your house, except it's in your energy field and possibly your physical vessel or subconscious. To keep this simple, this is something that does not happen to someone who does not have a fear based mentality, AND has given permission. In addition to the fear based mentality an attachment must have access to the human host in some way - drug & alcohol blackouts, someone who is intentionally playing with dark magic (without proper knowledge). A much more common “attachment” is the person who is stressed out from life, constantly negatively thinking about themselves, others, and life. They have likely experienced trauma, and have created a kind of “cloud” that they just can't seem to shake. That “cloud” CAN begin to have its own consciousness and agenda. The absolute best thing you can do is manage your mental health !

#5 - cursed land or person

We are all living on ancient land, and in ancient familial lines. There was a time when mystics would curse land, or familial lines. And sometimes, those curses show up in our time. Land is way more common than a cursed person, but we have helped a woman with a voodoo curse. Usually someone in the family line makes a deal or a trade, and then the curse continues in the DNA , and something can trigger it. Negative energy and emotions are usually the cause of a sudden surge of energy in both land and people. First, understand that a curse is simply a strong emotional output of energy that makes an imprint on whatever it is the curse was placed upon. (are you getting the idea here yet that emotions are super duper important on earth & to humans? Good! ) It's not going to happen to a person who does not have a significant amount of fear. It's just not possible. And land does a pretty good job of transmuting the curses, but I do believe that there are dimensions that operate by different rules and sometimes they affect us here. In these cases you are always going to want the help of a qualified person. QUALIFIED means someone who has dealt with it before, someone who is of the belief system of which the curse was cast, someone who can see & communicate with other dimensions. This cannot be a job for Karen after her Reiki 1 class. That will definitely, definitely make things worse. Do the research, ask for multiple opinions. If you live on what was once tribal land - research that tribe's belief system before doing absolutely anything. Thats how you find said “qualified” person as stated above. Frankly, if you're not willing to put in the work to do this right, and this energy is bothering you should absolutely move. And when you get to that county line, say your prayers or cleanse yourself with smoke or whatever you believe will get that residual energy of the land off you. :-)

The time for these sorts of things is honestly on its way out. The Earth is going through ascension, and the rules are constantly changing. 100 years from now, they won't exist at all, because it won't be possible.

If you have “weird activity” in your home, reach out for a consultation, and we can help you with your specific situation.

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