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The Importance of Gut Health for Intuition

Your stomach is inextricably linked to your intuition. I know you have heard that saying "go with your gut" and mama wasn't wrong!

I am continually fascinated by the divine technology of the human body. The more we learn about how The Great I Am/Source designed the human vessel and why, the more I appreciate my own body which has been my #1 challenge since I was a child. It gives me a greater understanding of how my body has been serving and protecting me this entire time and it was never my enemy.

Your gut is home to trillions of microorganisms that do a ton of work for you. The microbiome strengthens your immune system and creates "happy" chemicals, as well as extracts energy from your food. Importantly, Your gut microbiome can influence gene expression and biological functions. Its known that the gut microbiome isn't the same microbiome you are born with,

(when your born it will be most similar to your mother's gut, followed by your siblings.) And over the first 7 years of life you develop your microbiome based on how you were born (c section/vaginal) where you lived geographically, the types of food you ate, and more. This is the foundation of gut microbiota, and stays with you much like a finger print. I find it particularly interesting that not all the the microbial species in the gut are of human origin!

Gut Microbiome plays a critical role in your nervous system, immune function and endocrine system. This is why when you are learning about nervous system regulation, gut health goes hand in hand. They are inseparable. The gut microbiome is often called your second brain because it affects your mood, happiness, motivation, and even can contribute to diminished neurological performance later in life. Your microbes actually produce about 90% of serotonin (the happy juice) the bacteria in your gut are in constant communication with your brain and influencing your behavior. You have a lot of influence over your microbiome through what you eat and what medications you take. You can also support your stomach with energetic work and somatic movement.

Poor gut health impedes communication with your "gut instinct" or intuition. It can cause your brain to feel foggy and in general for you to struggle to make decisions in life. It is also directly tied to nervous system health and physiological functions. Meaning ultimately it contributes to whether or not you feel safe, or fearful about many, many things in life. Which, you guessed it impacts your intuition. Build up or suppression of all of these emotional toxins lead to a ton of inflammatory diseases, inflammation causing the body to basically "turn on itself" in an attempt to maintain homeostasis, and it ends up causing diseases like fibromyalgia, arthritis, IBS, and so on. It is not about it being a single component that causes disease, but it is a major player in the game. And every single person is as unique as a fingerprint in their microbiome. One of the benefits of being channels is that we can easily access information about your microbiome and nervous system without s bunch of medical testing. *** disclaimer alert And according to the collective of Oneness you should never underestimate the power of a 24 hour cleanse. Most people go too long.

So without the ability to accurately asses your environment as safe or dangerous and with a microbiome that is literally "clouding your judgement" of course your intuitive gifts will be "off"

This is how gut and nervous system health became important to some girls who talk to dead people on a board in the basement :-)

Until next time, take good care of yourselves, and we'll see you in the game,

***We are not Doctors, and this is no substitute for seeing your Dr. Energy work is considered supplemental

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1 Comment

Traci Kaplan
Traci Kaplan
Jun 24, 2022

Is the food/geography imprint on gut health permanent? Or are there instances when changes can overlay the imprint with additional imprints? E.g. moving to a new location; long term change in diet, etc.

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