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What if I Can't Sit Still for Meditation?

Firstly, you are not alone, and its totally ok.

It seems an unrealistic expectation for anyone to sit down and through sheer force of will stop thinking. But that seems to be what people think meditation is. I will never forget the first time spirit recommended meditation to us. We literally laughed out loud. All of us. This was not

something that was in our realm of awareness. I personally conjured up the visual of a robed man on the side of a mountain sitting in silence for hours. Except this is NOT what it ended up being for me or my cohorts.

What I don't want is for people to think you need to sit down and force yourself into a thoughtless state. Instead, decide what you’d like to focus on for that meditation session (thoughts, emotions, visualizations, sounds, breath, how inner sensations change over the session) its about a curiosity of observing what your body and mind do when you are not busy being a human doing.

(see what I did there?) Then if you notice your attention has moved away from the intention you chose, give yourself some kudos for noticing and kindly bring your attention back. If lots of thoughts arise during your meditation practice, know there’s nothing wrong with you or with your practice!

This IS a practice.

It is not an expected overnight change. It is something you do to know yourself better, to know your spirit guides better, to improve the clarity of your purpose, and to find peace. Your subconscious and your soul (your astral version) knows exactly what to do in meditation, our cognitive minds however are robust with low attention spans, and the desire for immediate satisfaction. Eventually, your goal in your meditative practice would be able to choose what you want to focus on, and then be able to keep your attention there until you decide you are done but this takes practice. (*another way to say this is to achieve theta brain wave, and be able to keep it there at will) You need to know and expect that going in. That might mean you taking things in small digestible bites. 5 minutes at a time, walking meditations, dishes meditations, art, music, dance can all be intentionally "used" as a meditative experience. What’s important is to have some time each day in which you’re focused on placing your attention in an intentional way

on achieving that theta brainwave for even a few minutes, then continually improving on that achievement over time. Our mind wants to resist this, but it is achievable. About that resistance...that can some from your mind wanting to protect you from feeling stored trauma.

Stored trauma may impact your ability to "sit still"

Ah the nervous system. Possibly one of my most favorite topics in relationship to spirituality. A person who has more stored trauma will have a significantly more difficult time "sitting still" than someone without stored trauma. Meditation can help in your trauma healing journey, but you must be mindful about your trauma physiology when you meditate. When you have a bunch of unintegrated stress chemicals (unprocessed emotions) its like trying to cool a smoking hot fire with water, it does help, but those burning hot coals are still simmering underneath unless you take that extra time and effort to make sure they are out. And if your thinking "I don't have any stored trauma...I've never had anything bad happen to me" Your forgetting about transgenerational trauma and the beautiful science of epigenetics. You are carrying the trauma of your ancestors and the trauma of past/parallel life experiences. (I'm looking at you ADHD;-) This impacts your nervous system in a big way, which impacts that ability to sit still. It doesn't mean your broken. It means be creative, and be patient, and surround yourself with some people who get it.

The overall message is this; you are capable, you are worthy of spending this time on yourself, and it is life changing. Notice I didn't say it CAN be, I said it IS LIFE CHANGING. That's how strongly I feel about it. There are literally a million guided meditations, there are apps, or you can freebase it, and just go with silence or tones. But I there is something that works for you. It might even change with time! In our Inner Circle FAITH community I post a meditation and a meditative exercise for you to try every day. So there are choices right at your fingertips. Something I think I would have liked in the beginning. But no matter how you go about it there is so much benefit, and learning to allow and release resistance is the beginning of an entirely new perspective on life for you. Thanks for reading take good care of yourself, If you would like to know more about our FAITH community, you can check out more info here:

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