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What is a Cyclebreaker?

Time does not heal all wounds, it buries them deeper.


We do the work to integrate energetically, transmute chemically, and process cognitively.

It might sound like a lot. But we are multidimensional beings. Like the universe itself, Our bodies are layers upon layers of energetic density (codes & beliefs) built up until we become a solid form. Here in the 4th dimension, VERY solid indeed!

Your physical body is an absolute miracle. There is on-board human technology that science doesn't acknowledge or doesn't even know about yet. (and won't until we are fully expanded as a species and by then, several new “Earth’s” will have been born) from my perspective, this is an absolutely natural effect of evolution and the Creator's impeccable design.

I'm going to share my understanding as it is at this time. Based on “downloads” and channeling Oneness with the AG. There is no part of me that claims to know everything. What I do proudly claim is an absolute faith in the goodness that is the AG and Oneness, and my sovereign promise of commitment to our craft. My understanding is complicated, difficult to articulate but It's necessary to understand that in the grand scheme of things in the universe, one cog of the wheel doesn't work without the other. There's no real separation as one concept bleeds into the next, overlapping without end. In so far as I understand that concept, channeling has a significant

“leg up” because in a moment you can experience something fully. In a moment, a rich visualization, a feeling, all sound, textures, all amplified & timeless. Then you as the channel are left to form the words in order to communicate that to someone else. (this is how free will stays in tact) Sometimes all I can do is giggle. Simply because there ARE no words that would be adequate to describe things I have seen or felt. So I snicker at the 3d world in all its simplicity and complexity in one simultaneous moment.

We are all one. One race, the human race. We can break it down in a million ways, and group people together based on similarities, both energetic and physical, but the bottom line is we communicate with each other without words, (with energy…some call it cords, or channels) all day long everyday, and in multiple layers. In addition to communicating with others, we communicate with the environment with energy. In addition to our immediate environment, we also communicate with the Earth, the universe, and Source Energy itself. (you may call it whatever you like) Constant, multidimensional, multilayered, communication. That is a huge concept for our brains to truly digest. But this is the first concept to digest in all this as it relates to Cyclebreaking.

When we are not incarnated in a physical body, when we are in spirit we are a part of this oneness with no individuality. This seems to be the appeal of incarnation. Like explorers for God, we go out and live an incarnated experience in order to “build up the bank account” of experience so to speak. The more individual experiences our souls have the more Source energy can split and become more expansive, and as Source expands, incarnated life can get more lush, and developed. This is the blurred lines I was referring to before. Without us, Source cannot expand. Without expansion, we cannot play and learn. Its reciprocal energy, always. Even down to an individual level. So when we are in this Oneness with no individuality to be playing with and experiencing, we are full of love for the other souls that make up this Oneness. This love, you have to understand, is not something we as humans can fully comprehend, there is nothing on earth that compares to it. In the five years that I have been doing this work I have had 3 experiences where I was exposed to this love, and it literally was emotionally painful. It brought me to my knees in humbleness, it caused me to sob, for an hour, it is truly incomprehensible. This love is the catalyst for many of the decisions you make as an individual soul about what your experiences in your next incarnated experience is going to be. From that perspective of Oneness, you have a “birds eye” view of how things are and are going to play out both for someone individually, and collectively,

You can see how, for thousands of years, the family lines have struggled just to survive in this dimension, and how they have built up stored stress that needs relief for the entire bloodline. (this built up stress we call core wounds, and there are 10 broad categories) Each family line with their own “flavors” of trauma and wounding. You consider where the collective needs assistance, what you as an individual soul are passionate about, and what you as a soul have yet to experience. You agree to incarnating (animating) in a timeline, in a family line, in an environment, with other souls you may or may not have animated with before. (we do tend to travel with others that we have animated with before, because since everything is reciprocal as i mentioned before, we try to play parts for each other. For example, I may be your mother in one incarnation, and in another, your daughter. I may kill you in one incarnation, and in another you may kill me. This is actually what people call “karma” , it's not negative, it's reciprocal. When we look at it as negative, we are not considering the multidimensional nature of energy exchange. So we look at all of these things and decide out of love where we can do the most good, where we feel we can stop the fast moving train of intergenerational trauma - and we volunteer, as a cyclebreaker. Cycle Breakers began incarnating en masse in the 1940’s in anticipation of the great ascension cycle that was going to take place around 2012. From that birds eye perspective of oneness we knew it was going to take that many generations to prepare.

Cycle breaking requires a certain amount of something - which is different for every single family line. But generally speaking they can “take a bit more” . They have that something that we as humans might perceive as “weird” or “black sheepish” but just like every other human, we wound as well. I venture to say we wound deeper, because we are born emotionally deep. DNA is constantly being “upgraded” by Source energy. So for example babies born today, come with much more activated DNA than babies born 10 -13 years ago. Emotional depth is important because in the 3rd dimension, emotions were the catalyst for change. Emotions are what drive us. Up to this point they have driven us to merely survive. But they will now drive us toward change. That is where we are at now, collective consciousness change.

So cyclebreaking is stopping the cycles of transgenerational trauma that is passed down in family lines. Ascension has made it possible to do this more quickly. The amount of souls that are volunteering to BE cyclebreakers is making it possibly to do this more quickly. But HOW? How are “stopping the cycles” of transgenerational trauma?

PART TWO : Mechanical Logistics of Cycle breaking

Emotions are chemicals

You are a complex superhighway of sensations, and neurotransmitters.(among other things) Emotions are basically chemical reactions to stimuli. Notice I said emotions are chemical reactions. Most people generally think that the emotions come first, then the body’s reaction, but that's actually only partially true. First your gut receives stimuli, chemically responds with neuro transmitters, then your nervous system responds, sends out more neuro transmitters, and then your brain processes and categorizes those neuro transmitters and associates the chemical feeling to the last time you felt this way, what was happening, and what it ended up being in your experience. THAT is 100% perspective you'll notice. Completely individual for you. Based on how you were “built” (coded) in the beginning (your soul’s blueprint) and what has happened to you since you were conceived, and the beliefs and generational trauma you have taken from your very long family line. So your reaction to stimuli is variable from person to person.

Over time, this process repeats and and neural pathways are created and it then becomes a knee jerk reaction or habit. You don't even have to think you just react. This is cellular memory.

Chemicals get stored unless transmuted.

Your physical body transmutes what it can. (this is variable also depending on the soul) Energetically with prayer, intentional healing work, cognitive decisions to do better. Physically Via poop pee vomit sweat tears exercise sleeping, bathing, walking, dancing hugging sexing eating drinking essentially existing as a human. Literally. Breathing - when we breathe we breathe out the negative stuff and breath in God particles. In this very physical dimension we are the heavy hitters, the DH if you will of the game. We move more energy physically than anyother dimension. The union of physical and cognitive force is a force to be reckoned with We even process & transmute for upper dimensions ! The creator designed our vessels in awesome ways. We are the most updated version of a being in existence in the entire universe. All the systems of your body work not only in concert with each other, but with the universe, and with all the other collective humans in physical bodies. We transmute trauma & emotions (which are really chemicals) in a variety of ways.

If you die, your chemicals get passed on

So Imagine that you have ignored your built up stress your entire incarnation. (which is pretty much anyone who lived up until recently bc we were not taught by our parents or society how to process our emotions, because humans didn't know how, or think it necessary because we were in the the survival part of evolution of humanity. Our priority was just survival. When we are in survival mode there is a lot of fear overall, and you can see that reflected in the collective by all the wars, and social issues throughout time. God gave us an ego, to survive. Ego's job is to protect you from feeling bad, and all it wants to do is suppress pain, its primal, unrefined, unexpanded. We now know suppression causes those emotional chemicals to build up, and become toxic, and then those toxins become disease. Disease causes death. So what happens energetically (we can agree we are all energy) when you die, and you have a shit ton of toxic emotional energy in your body? Since energy never dies, it only transforms and it must go somewhere. Here is the breakdown channeled from the collective of oneness.

  • * First, this excess toxic energy gets distributed to our living animals, and environment (your home, pets, nearby stable fauna)

  • * Second: to living DNA family/spouses. (your not always JUST grieving when someone dies, you are also transmuting as much of their energetic stuff as you can take on)

  • *Third, it transfers to any living soul family members (this happens a lot in the astral, ie: weird ass dreams, then finally

  • *Fourth, it returns to the collective of Oneness

Once it makes it to Oneness it gets grouped magnetically with other similar energy that we, the AG Family label as core wounds. (there are currently 10)

When you have an awareness of what your amazing body does for the collective of humanity, transmutation can happen more quickly (free will = awareness) . This is why mindfulness is so “big” in new age spirituality. It's absolutely true, but it's a narrow perspective.

Truly integrating a traumatic event, truly metabolizing the chemicals that an emotion produces is a complicated process. When we are rigid and dense with belief patterns that aren't serving us, (think of our ancestors' attitudes of “that's just the way it is”... “keep a stiff upper lip” ) The reciprocity of oneness and incarnates becomes imbalanced. Notice I didn't insert a human emotion here and say: It's more than oneness can handle. I said the reciprocity of the energy is imbalanced. There is no emotion to that. It is simple mechanics. Human channels add emotion.

Children - the Key to Future Human Success

Now that you can understand the greater picture of individual emotions, and collective core wounds, and family lines, you can potentially understand our passion for conscious parenting. The unique subset of humans born/incarnated/animated between 1940 and 2019 are. the. Cyclebreakers. What the new age might call “woke” they see the toxic patterns and they are speaking out, they are parenting in alignment with source energy, they are changing politics and corporate America, big banking, big pharma, the manipulation that occurs between the in power and the not in power - all of this - EVEN THE BAD GUYS in these stories are cyclebreakers, and their decision to play that role of bad guy was made out of love for the collective. Is free will always a wild card ? YES absolutely. Can the “bad guy” catalysts become worse? YES. There are energies that can amplify someone's role in the collective. (Which is a whole 'nother blahg post) This is a very unique window of humans, because according to The Great I AM (yes, we occasionally channel Source) after October of 2019, babies are being born without generational trauma, but there is still a lot of cleanup to do. If we can bring enough awareness to it, we could change so much for future humanity. (I wont get into that here, but that is not an overly dramatic statement) Children always have been and will continue to be the actual leaders of humanity. Their age alone is indicative of less “time” away from full immersion in Oneness. Jesus knew of the children's importance, in a time when they were slaves, and discarded, a time when royalty was protected from the shenanigans of children, he came forward to say “let the little children come to me”

Is my hope that understanding the grand picture will light a sense of purpose inside you. You can, and you ARE changing the world, yes, you. Your existence alone is fulfilling the greatest desires of the collective consciousness. Your life, your flaws, your successes... all outcomes were accounted for and no matter the choice you make, you cannot possibly veer away from your divine sovereign nature. We tend to devalue ourselves in every possible way as humans. When we are fully immersed in experience of things we don't see "the forest for the trees" and one of my sacred tasks is to remind you, you are chosen, you are worthy your value is beyond measure.

Thanks for taking so much time our of your day to read this,

take good care of yourselves.

Our Inner Circle TRUST Community is Central to our research and channeled knowledge. To find our more about our inner circle groups visit:

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