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When You believe Your Child is Psychic

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Helpful Ideas & Reassurances When You believe Your Child is Psychic

  1. ALL children are sensitive. The degree to which they keep that sensitivity depends on their pre-incarnation intentions, and the environment in which they are raised.

  2. It’s important that before you talk with your child you examine your own beliefs about being intuitive. What is comfortable to you and what isn't? Do you have any fear at all? Because a child who can see things that you don't even know are there is definitely going to pick up your fearful emotions. That could really impact their development. Just like all parenting concepts, it's not our job to force them into our belief systems intentionally or non intentionally - so the ability to stay neutral is important. Using validating sentences is important and most importantly don’t downplay or tell them they are just plain wrong. Listening and being open and letting them lead is important Listening without judgment is really HUGE

  1. Kids who are sensitive can struggle in school. Their feelings get hurt easily, too much sensory input can cause them so much stress and overwhelm. There's also the potential that they are empathing other kid’s feelings or picking up on ancestors hanging around their peers. Having a parent punish them for poor school performance just adds to their internal struggle. Consider your kiddos sensitivity level and try to problem solve issues at school.

  2. Understand that if a child says “monster” that's because the human brain is a categorizer. If “monster” or “alien” or “ghost” is the best name a kiddo has to explain the entity they are seeing/sensing/feeling that doesn't necessarily mean it's any of those things. That's the closest thing the child can come up with. Also, even dearly departed loved ones can struggle to appear in their old form, and match the frequency that that child can tune into. So it might just be a talking light, or something else fantastical. The better deciding factor is the feeling the kiddo has about it, and what they share with you about it.

“Signs” of Psychic Sensitivity in children

Imaginary friends


Fear of closets - or they are telling you that's where they come from

Highly Creative

Unexplainable fears - can be parallel life experiences/flashbacks

Inexplicably “good with animals”

Of course in all these situations you want to be reasonable. Not every fear is a past life experience coming up for healing. Not every case of an imaginary friend is a being. …but it’s pretty common! Use your own discernment and don't allow anyone else to TELL you what's happening with your child, especially if it “just doesn't feel right” to you.

Good energetic hygiene, and emotional well being in the home is important for sensitive kids. Energetically cleanse your home when the seasons change (more if you live on land or in a house that needs it more, or near a portal) and do your best to keep an emotionally safe environment for your family.

If you are concerned, seek out help. Most “problems” are just mis-managed energy and emotion and are easily balanced back to a tolerable state. Most importantly know that you don't have to have all the answers right now. Just listen , and consult someone before you respond. I guarantee it will come up again ;-)

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