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You ARE the universe

I believe we carry every vibration in the universe in our aura/electromagnetic field around our physical vessel. I don't believe we have a full awareness of that. Maybe some people think we carry certain things, but I have yet to talk to anyone who believes as I do that you carry every vibration in the universe in your field. If you can get behind the idea that we have a spark of the creator God inside of us, who IS the energy of all things at all moments, then why would this be a stretch? I believe that when we name the vibration, and work with it (think Arch Angels, Gods, Guides) we "pull it closer" to us...we make it louder/stronger and we are able to convince our brain that it is outside of ourselves, so that we can "have a conversation with it"

These vibrations of "other" beings are simply different codes or sounds or resonance (however you connect to it) that you are also within. So, they carry you with in them as well. We are all connected by the one, The Great I AM

If we are connected, this means our job then is simply to foster the connection to be "loud" enough, "strong" enough so that we can then translate the energy into articulate thoughts that can then be spoken, or sung, or communicated in any way. Some people do a ton of research on a being/energy. They try to learn as much as they can before they attempt to communicate with it. That is how energy workers almost HAD to work in the older energy of earth, but now that ascension has occurred and we are into the age of Aquarius, energetic rules are changing.

I believe we are moving away from mass education, and more to individual education. I believe we are moving from lumping everyone in one group and assuming they are all the same simply because they fit a certain demographic on the surface. I believe that we are moving away from someone teaching you something that is in a book, written a few thousand years ago and

teaching you with the expectation that this becomes your truth, or else. Even if you have no personal experience with anything spiritual. I believe we have taken the spirit part out of the Holy Spirit. I believe that spiritual experiences are had by the thousands every day and we simply don't recognize or acknowledge them for what they are. I believe God is in the million little things, and so is every other known/unknown God or deity or angel or deceased loved one.

What I'm going to suggest, might seem a little different than what you are used to. Or if you are "new to the game" welcome, and give this a try for an authentic connection. I'm suggesting you cultivate a personal experience with a vibration. Maybe DONT do research first. Maybe first try connecting with your chosen vibration, then do the research. To see if you successfully made that connection. Validation helps us in our journey but it can become a crutch. Or USE US! We are fully prepared to validate all levels of energy with our filter free channeling. Just simply ask the AG "did I make this authentic connection?" they will tell you. You don't even have to have a full session with us - we answer single questions for $5. A minimal monetary commitment for a whole lot of energetic validation and support.

We could spend yeeaarrs studying and integrating just one single archetypes energy. You could become totally proficient in it...the authority absolute on a particular God or Angel, or ET race but THINKING you understand something and actually experiencing understanding are not the same thing (remember when you were 18 and you thought you knew what adulting was going to be like? LOL) Sometimes an abundance of knowledge is a hinderance. It colors your filter, it tricks your ego into thinking you are making an authentic connection when in fact you are reducing a God or Angel or ET race to knowledge from someone else's experience. And is that fair? Pulling from the knowledge of someone else's experience or historical reference? Is it safe? Is it authentic? Is it personal? It is second hand information. After all - can you be reduced to just one or two or ten memorable stories? Does that accurately reflect in those re-told stories who you were, who you expanded into ? Because these beings...they keep expanding too. Just like our Creator, just like our Universe. We are all connected all expanding in the infinity that is creation.

Take Good Care of yourselves-

XOXO Missy

I believe we are accessing parts of ourselves instead of "calling in" an outside being. What's your experience with this? Do you have a relationship with spirit similar to this?

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