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This is where it all began - all of our other services inspired by what we could cover during a private session .  A full focused hour on you. Led by your consciousness & your questions, sessions are held via ZOOM teleconference, and provide clarity on so many topics .

Everyone has a different goal for their private session, and it is so very different from other kinds of readings....YOU  ask for the spirits and guides your interested in talking to, and we can talk about nearly anything, but we cannot/will not predict the future, we cannot/will not find lost objects, we cannot/will not predict the sex of your pregnancy and we cannot/will not participate in "testing"  

Some things people can and do talk about : 

Communicating with transitioned loved ones, souls, akashic records, validation of spiritual experiences/gifts, soul groups, soul contracts, interdimensional beings, historical validity, religious items of interest, creation, the physical vessel, the animal realm, arch angels, your pets, witchy shit, astrology, anything you are genuinely interested in!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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