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When you get a new pet....

When your pet just seems "off" 

In times of pet crisis...

When you think it might be time to let your pet go... 

These are all great times to explore the spiritual and energetic side of the pet in your life  and to talk to your pet's higher self and cells of their body to find out what's happening with your furry friend.


We have created an energetic assessment for domestic pets that will help the owner bridge the gap and stop guessing what their pet might be trying to communicate. 


We will share with you : 

What we have channeled about pets that is applicable to all domestic animals,  10 amazing questions about your specific pet, and how to clear the energetic density of your pet so they can live their happiest healthiest life!



Questions : 


  • Is this pet a fractal of me or someone I know?  Pet/ human/ someone in the home? 

  • Has this pet been in other lives with me? If so, how many, and always as a pet? 

  • Most often purging for ? (the adult male/adult female/children/other in the home)

  • Name of the emotion(s) or frequency (ies)  they most commonly purge 

  • Any other frequencies you want to point out (that are close to a tipping point) 

  • The system or organ that carries the most energetic density. 

  • Was the birth/youth/previous ownership of this pet traumatic ? 

Can I assist in clearing anything? 

  • Does the pet want me to know anything? Is there something they don't like that I do? 

  • Is there energy in the home/land that the pet is purging? (emotion or frequency) 

  •  When is this pet the happiest? 

  • What is this pet most scared of ? 

  •  Is the pet regularly ingesting food that is a vibrational match? Do they need something different in any way? (supplements, blessings, herbal support)  


They do SO MUCH for us. Having a window into their energetic beingness can help provide some peace and clarity when you're not sure.


Pet Reading (Vibrational translation)

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