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Are you feeling stuck in your healing journey? The A.G. can access your cellular vibration and help kickstart a new path for you!


Focused on your healing journey so that you can become aware of the vibrational patterns in your consciousness and then address them if you choose

1.Your (main) guide's name (not someone you know, but a part of you with wisdom and implicit knowledge of you. This is what some refer to as “higher self” we call them “coordinator guide” because they coordinate a lot of non physical aspects of your life on your behalf.

2. A message from your (main) guide

3.The core challenges you chose for this incarnation (information about core wounds & how to work with them will be attached to your email)

4. What generational trauma cycle have I broken/working on for my paternal side?

5.What generational trauma cycle have I already broken/working on for my maternal side?

6.What is the biggest waste of my energy?

7.What is a stored trauma in my cells that Is ready to be let go of …that could be my next big breakthrough energetically?

8. A preverbal trauma vibration in my cells

9. A trauma vibration I have been storing since I was in the womb

10.What fear mentality do I have that holds me back from what I intend for my life?

11. What lack mentality do I have that holds me back from what I intend for my life?

12. Message from Higher Self about healing the vibration of my body.



This is not an in person session ** Your Assessment will be fulfilled and delivered to you via Email!

(we channel on Wenesday evenings and Sunday mornings) 



The "Gladys"

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