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Have you been in the spiritual realm for a minute? Had a few readings, know some things but want to dig deeper? This offering is accurate information about your souls vibration.


Feeling curious about your soul and want to delve into your intuition and akashic consciousness? This is the reading for you!

1. Your (main) guide's name

2. Message from (main) guide

3. Number of Earthly incarnations (number of times you can lived a full incarnation on earth. You can still have fractal incarnations as well)

4. Number of Galactic incarnations (number of times you have incarnated outside of Earth, could be as human could be as other, again full lives Also great to know we don't carry trauma from galactic incarnations)

5. Your spirit animal totem (Animal vibration that matches different aspects of your soul. You can use this information to do additional research in the book ANIMAL SPEAK, or on the internet its brain candy for fun and play as you can learn to communicate & call in these animals for the vibration they bring)

6. A Galactic guide’s name (a vibration you can use to meditate on, and learn more about this part of you)

7. Other dimensions you are currently incarnated in (energy from other dimensions can impact your life & healing so while this information is brain bending, it helps to understand we are “living” in so many other ways than just HERE and NOW)

8. Elements your soul has mastered/still working on (fire/earth/water/air, this is fun information to see yourself reflected in)

9. Signs you are being sent but are not noticing (how your guides are trying to reach you, and your not noticing it)

10. Your “soul family” or oversoul group (we have channeled interesting information about soul groups, which will be attached on another page for your reference. This information gives yet another vibration to attempt to connect to in meditation/intention)

11. Name of another current guide, their “specialty” and the best way you can connect to the wisdom & guidance they offer

12. A “cool fact” about your soul (offered from Oneness)

13. What “job” do I usually choose on a soul level, what human topics is my soul passionate about? 


This is NOT an in person reading -  Your Assessment will be fulfilled and delivered to you via Email!

(we channel on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings)

The "Mary Ellen"

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