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The Ruby Session 


Are you just getting started on your spiritual journey? Curious about your soul and its vibration? This is a great starting point ! 


1. Your coordinator guide's name Your (main) guide's name


( not someone you know, but a part of you with wisdom and implicit knowledge of you. This is what some refer to as “higher self” we call them “coordinator guide” because they coordinate a lot of non physical aspects of your life on your behalf)


2. Message from your coordinator guide


3.Your most prominent intuitive skill (not your only skill, the one that will bring you the most)


4. Your spirit animal (your souls frequency most closely matches this animal)


5. The crystal that matches your souls frequency


6.How many Earthly incarnations you have had (full life incarnations, you can also have fractal incarnations on Earth, and live just a small part of a life)


7. Crystal or oil that would support your intuitive expansion the most right now


8. Cool fact about your soul 9. Ways your Coordinator guide (main guide) tries to get your attention


10. Another Guides name & “specialty”


11. A message from this guide about something you are consciously thinking about


12. A way that your soul is serving the collective in this incarnation


13. The biggest waste of your energy


This is not an in person session. Your Assessment will be fulfilled and returned back to you ASAP.  ( we channel on Wednesday evenings & Sunday mornings) 


The "Ruby" Session

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