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Trauma Age Assist Channel

We will provide the age(s) for you that there is a vibrational rupture due to trauma.

  • 15 min
  • 33 US dollars
  • online/remote

Service Description

Have you been on your healing journey? Reparenting? Inner Child work? Journaling? Nervous System regulation? You feel better but you know there's something there that you can't put your finger on…. Your cells remember everything you have been through. They keep a record. Your cells know what age you were when something happened that you might not be able to remember because your brain has blocked it out. Remember that trauma is subjective, and your brain might think “that wasn't a big deal” but your cells felt another way entirely, & in this your cells are what matter! Allow us to talk to the cells for you ! We will provide the age(s) for you that there is a vibrational rupture due to trauma. This will give you a clear area of focus to go into a meditation and clear the cells yourself either with Cellular Memory Clearing (or your preferred method) Imagine the difference you will feel when the cells of your body can lose the charge of that trauma, and put down their defenses!!!!! Oftentimes these occurrences are the catalyst for other incidents of the same vibration in your life. For example if something happens and you are afraid of being alone, your going to actually attract that feeling to you so that you have the opportunity to learn new ways, successful ways of being alone. But the energy has changed! We don't need to continue to learn this way! We will channel: The Age(s) that need clearing the name of the primary vibration We will also provide a worksheet of the step by step process if you want to clear it with Cellular Memory Clearing Process. Links, and additional resources. *** Book anytime on the calendar to order. Your Assessment will be ready for you within 72 Hours (or sooner) and delivered to you via Email!

Contact Details

+ 319-310-2524


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