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 Womb Work 

The most transformational healing work you can do for yourself and others 

rewiring & regulating your nervous system from an energetic perspective 

Once you repair trauma from the past it shuffles ALL the remaining trauma in your life, and lessons the impact 

Presented by Missy Anderson,
Little Sister, Healer, The AG Fam

Missy has a unique path both behind her and infront of her as it relates to healing work, trauma informed, anatomy intuitive, cellular memory practitioner she brings an intense, thorough quality to her workshops, and a sense of humor! 

The Womb Work workshop is for anyone who struggles with adhd, reactivity, depression, anxiety, & chronic illnesses.  Or for those that know they had a traumatic birth, or a bio parent that made less than ideal choices. The time between conception to age 3 are CRITICAL for your nervous system development & brain health. This particular process moves a ton of energy, and makes working in your akashic records a breeze!  First you will learn about your particular ailment and how it is impacting your body, (this is pre channeled information for you) Then you will learn about cellular memory clearing, nervous system regulation, and how all these things impact your life, and your ailment.  Then we will walk through 4 guided visualization sessions. And create your very own sigil for your continued follow up. 



Knowledge is Empowerment



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