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Energetic Self Care...

A Workshop of

5th Dimensional Processes

Image by Kinga Howard

Maybe you feel like something has to change. Right

You are tired, you are searching...
stuck ?

This is your sign to address your own self care practices and change the energy that you show up with in life. 

You are the something that has to change. And it can be so much easier when you are connected to your body, and practicing good "cellf" care.


perhaps you are a healer who wants to amplify  & enhance the work you already do with a  faster moving, higher accuracy 5th dimensional skill set built for healing in a post ascension timeline....


Image by Alexander Grey

We've got BIG goals for this workshop!

Image by José Martín Ramírez Carrasco

Why allow yourself to struggle ?

Much is misunderstood and kept from us regarding energy. We have moved beyond the dark ages of humanity and are entering an era of personal and collective empowerment. To achieve this, it is crucial to undergo healing and comprehend the divine technology bestowed upon us in the form of our bodies. It's time to release the weight of societal programming, move beyond constant survival mode, and impart different lessons to our children, breaking the cycles of emotional dysfunction, nervous system dysregulation, and poor health. It's time to recognize that, on a spiritual level, you are significant—not just in the context of Christ, but as an individual. Each of us holds sacred and meaningful purposes, not to be idolized or experience "enlightenment" but to be comprehended and inherently valued.

Step Into the Possibilities...


Knowing you are actually clearing disease - causing

energy from your body ...yourself


Partnering with your body, making a connection to yourself that regulates emotions, and systems of the body...

no more chaos!


Healing enough generational trauma to change what expresses in your DNA for you and your children and their children.


Freeing yourself from the living in energetic "default" mode, and becoming the commander of your divine cellular vessel.


Cultivating awareness of your patterns, and responding to life rather than reacting.

The workshop isn't life changing
But what you do with the information
in  it ... 
that absolutely is!

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