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  Multidimensional Communication for your intuitive, grief, & trauma journey

Home of the cellular memory clearing process

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Image by Jon Tyson

Hello Divine Human! (Yes YOU) 

Are you the kind of person with big spiritual questions on your mind?

Or maybe your on your healing journey and you are searching for something...different?

If only you had a guide, (maybe more than one) to help you gain clarity and peace of mind about your soul and the things in your life that frustrate you and keep your from feeling aligned, and fulfilled.  You know what ? you do! And we can be the liaisons and we can teach you how to make a direct connection!


 We live & teach  Spiritual Connection & Cellular Memory Clearing Process... a 5D channeled self care process


We channel 30 dimensions of perspective,  have unique  reading sessions &  comprehensive energy assessment's​ all aimed at helping you break the cycles of feeling powerless in your own life.

                        We are on a mission to empower with new Earth energy. 

Empower the empaths, cycle breakers, lightworkers with the information they need from the "higher" realms to do their work, embody their mission and  balance that mission with their human experience. With the information we have channeled and are still channeling, we can meet you where you are at on your journey, support you (and hopefully) be a trusted peer for the rest of this incarnation!  


Image by Joanna Kosinska

What is the AG... and how are you the family? WHAT?

The Universe is vast and in fact infinite. Creator is perfection. We are ever expanding, and learning at a fantastic pace what this world is made of and what Source intended humanity to be.

We don't pretend to have all the answers, we are always expanding ourselves!

The AG is an amazing gift granted to us by God and our ancestors, made manifest by our own design and a burning

 desire to assist our fellow humans with this thing called ascension.

The new Earth is here. Wanna know more about us? Awwwwww. ok ...

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Energy Matters   Diversity Matters 
Trauma Matters  Childhood Matters
Your Story Matters

Inspired by the way we were "trained" by the Collective of Oneness,  and our  Matriarch, we are committed to meeting people where they are at, by honoring intention over labels and by being open to the diversity the world has to offer in skin color, religion, gender preference, age, or expansion level.  Oneness is for everyone. 


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