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Opportunities to deepen your 
understanding & expand YOU. 

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Cellular Sunday

Guided 1 hour Session first Sunday 

of each month

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Connecting to Your Body

FREE Online Workshop

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Womb Work 


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Energetic Boundaries

With Sigils & Cells Learn how Oneness taught us to insulate our energy.

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Energetic Self Care

This is IT!!! Learn 6 processes that changed our lives, used in all 1:1 sessions too!  8 hr Workshop


Next Date TBD

Dog Lover

Nature/Animal Allies

Learning to coordinate energy includes more than just your own body, but also the energetic allies Source has placed here for us This is an amazing 8 hour Workshop  

Date TBA

Time TBA

Image by Amos Bar-Zeev

Deconstructing Pain

Take a look at the areas of your life where you are in pain, and learn how to support yourself energetically & more

Next Date TBD

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Family Line Clearing 

Learn to connect to your ancestors, learn to clear with your intuitive & healing skill set 

Next Date TBD

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