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10 Things my Guides have taught me that have changed my life

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

'If you would have told me 5 years ago, THIS is where I would be I would have laughed at you "

How many times have you heard something along those lines? The funny thing about life is although we measure it by the big events, its actually HAPPENING in all the small ones. Over the course of 5 years (which doesn't sound that long) your entire life can be transformed..... If you are lucky enough to have a traumatic experience, then it would REALLY look different! That is how this all began for me, trauma followed by another one, and a series of micro traumas... talking to spirit has absolutely changed our lives. Below are the 10 things I find are impactful across all peoples lives, and I hope you can see yourself in these, and draw some insight of your own from them.

#1 The Truth is Subjective

Your truth creates your reality. You can honestly "believe" something into existence if your belief is strong enough and you don't have any other beliefs/programs in the way. The way we found out about this was by talking to deceased relatives, divine beings, and so on, and realizing that some souls were aware of a certain subject and some souls weren't. That was our first clue. As time went on we began to see that there really is no ONE truth. All truths are valid. We can ask one question, and if we pick at it long enough, see 10 different (or more) true answers.

think about this:

I think a general belief people have is that when we die, they go to heaven and live in one big heaven together, and our guides have taught us that that's not how it works at all. There are different dimensions here on the earth plane, and different dimensions in the universal realms. You exist in different dimensions based on your vibrational frequency, which is based on your souls expandedness and your souls expandedness depends on a number of factors including where your soul originated, how many incarnations you have had, and where you experienced these incarnations among other things. Dimensions are truly just levels of information. Different levels of information means different perspectives and different perspectives mean different truths. When you know better you do better.

#2 My Path is not Their Path

Note that in the title I said "10 Things...that have Changed MY Life" This was probably the biggest game-changer for me. And requires a little vulnerability on my part. (insert big breath here) In August of 2016 my 16 Year old son left my house, after an argument that we had that ended with me telling him to get out. I hope that you understand this is the abbreviated version of the story, the details have many lessons embedded in them but that's for another time. I remember asking the AG for advice, on how to cope with the loss and grief and guilt I was feeling. And all my guides said was "his path is not your path" ..WHAT?! I mean WTAF!? This is my SON. Of course his path is my path..? we are intertwined.... I am his MOTHER. In the process of loosing him there were many, nuggets of wisdom they shared with me, but mostly because week after week I spent time in meditation, I thought of questions that would lead me to bigger questions that I would take to the guides. I did the work, I reclused, I under-communicated with people I truly hold dear all while processing this tremendous loss in my life. But the discovery of really truly allowing someone else's journey to be their OWN, this would become the crux of how I help other people in my healing sessions, and in our private sessions, and when I speak to groups. See, we do this thing us humans. Where we make everyone else's business our own business. We judge, we categorize, we label, we compartmentalize, we judge, and we judge some more. When in actuality, some one else's soul is their business, and God's. You dont want to be "minding God's business" do you? And yes, even the children... actually, especially the children. (more on that later) In this process, I learned how to be the observer of people and their patterns of behavior. I learned to allow space, and allow others to use & follow their own guidance system, regardless of the consequences because those "consequences " even if I perceive them to be negative are the results of their choices and that is invaluable to the soul. Trauma is our best teacher always.

Its difficult sometimes to just observe rather than get involved but there are Soooooo many benefits. I could and maybe I just will make a whole 'nother post on the benefits of being the observer. Its also SUPER FREEING! When you give up trying to control other peoples behaviors, SO MUCH STRESS leaves. You truly only have to make changes to yourself. If everyone took care of themselves....what a wonderful planet this would be. Again, this deserves its own post & discussion this is just a short story. I am by no means a master. I have a long ways to go in becoming the best me I can be. But I, ..we "do better when we know better" that my friends is expansion ; the true souls purpose.

#3 Its Complicated, But it Will Come

Layers upon layers of information. NOTHING about the universe is linear or one dimensional in fact its TOTALLY the exact opposite. Its multidimensional. The human brain can only absorb so much information at one time. I can remember the early days of feeling like I wanted more more, more when we sat down to channel , and they would say "you need a sleep cycle" (because when you sleep you integrate all that you have taken in during that day) It truly IS a journey. Little bits and pieces come together in unexpected and surprising ways over time. Often times something would come up in regular daily life, and I would be able to ask about it the next time we sat down to channel. By doing so, it made the information more personal, more memorable, and it "stuck" more because It had a memory attached to it. Patience, consistency, and curiosity is the name of the game when it came to our spiritual journey, I feel like its the same for most of our clients as well. you have to allow the time and the layering of information to occur. Its important to fully learn to respect the unknown and just be patient because I promise you it will come, when your consciousness is ready... notice I didn't say your mind...there's a distinct difference there. We can be consciously ready to hear something that will BLOW our actual mind....happened all the time for us. lol

#4 Learn how to ask better questions

Questions help you engage with life, its how people know we are open and engaged, its how we get to know our own selves if we turn it inward, and the better the questions the deeper the information we can get to about ourselves and other things. This is the case with spirituality as well, you have to learn how to ask the "RIGHT" questions. We call this "word ninja-ing" yep we totally made that up. We thought it was funny, and now it stuck.

Questions equal expansion, and remember that expansion is the purpose of incarnation. So Learning how to ask better questions allows you to really see into a person and their energy, as well as unlocking keys to the universe.

#5 Free Will Supersedes Gods will

Now you want to talk about something that was difficult to wrap our heads around, THIS was WOW. It took a few months even to understand it, but the bottom line is, free will was God's gift to humanity. As far as we know, humans are the only ones who have this degree of free will. It plays off of the universal laws of polarity, as well as the law of attraction, its all connected and beautiful and it genuinely is a gift. Religion generally teaches you that when you live your life doing "good", loving things, when you die you will go to heaven and live eternally with God.

If you spend your life doing 'bad" things you go to the fires of hell where you burn for all eternity

(it's not entirely off the mark, but the motivations are different) not exactly. The judgement of good & bad has been skewed throughout the years.

Is murder bad or is your wife on her period bad? I'm confused. Which rules are we going with here? Well...that's right , God gave us free will ! we can just TELL people what rules are the real rules! Whatever suits our needs at that time. You see where this is going right? If you have not already done so, I HIGHLY recommend the Books Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch if you are someone who needs to explore the concepts of religion in general VS spiritual concepts.

SO by perpetrating this paradigm and belief system, it s a manner of keeping humans oppressed and controlled, Underneath all of it lays the belief "I have no control God does, he created the earth and the sun and the moon and the stars, and God created me, and if my life is going a certain direction or somebody dies it's because God wanted them to" not exactly. The belief that lays way down deep in all of us, passed down in our DNA also for generations leaves us feeling deeply that we are separated from God, that our life is not our own, but God's, and we are simply here to do his bidding, when in fact it is quite the opposite! Physical life is deeply our own and things happen to us based on our beliefs and the law of attraction and our FREE WILL choices!! (both ours and the collective humanity)

#6 You CHOSE this

For some, this is a triggering statement. Lets say your a person who is abused by their parents, or spouse or child...or someone who has a crazy ex making your life a living hell... or cancer...we can all think of things where one might say ... "you think I would ask for these horrible things to happen to me !?" well yes, because I swear to you that's exactly how it works.

I believe the highest self of you and you had a meeting and you said, YES, I'll DO that! and you came forth with excitement because this is where everyone wants to be ! You also find out when you transition, and are not separated from the Creator that everything here serves a purpose. Illness, animals, others in your experience....I have a feeling its a bit like you find out your life long nemesis "carried" a burden for you, and your like ; "you did THAT?.... FOR ME?"

We as souls love each other so much we are willing to sacrifice our own comfort, to allow others souls to expand, so that the entirety of humanity expands. It is a beautiful creation.

#7 We are emerging from the Emotional Dark ages

Taking care of our Energetic Body, our mental & emotional health is as important as taking care of your physical body. (more so even) There are some of us that neglect both in fact! SO much of my learning has been about emotions, and the body, subjective truth, how to break the cycle of transgenerational trauma in families, and healing trauma of different types. Now what does that have to do with Spirit? Well that is a much longer story that deserves its own post. (i will touch on it more in number 10) The short version is : Creator God really has no opinion on what is "right" or "wrong" not even love and fear. Creator doesn't care WHAT we pick as long as our souls expand, (making the collective and creator expand too) and somewhere along the line the divine figured out that IN FACT, we expand MORE from trauma and polarity than we do from coming here and knowing there is no judgement. Humanity IS a great experiment for the Creator. In the sense that we (all beings ever created) continue to refine with experience and create with a more refined vision . It is a beautiful, never ending creation. Infinity.

#8 We MUST change the way we raise our children!

I talked a bit about healing trauma. A lot of "trauma" is related to our upbringing or early experiences in some capacity. (yes that's a very broad generalization) Not necessarily because it was so terrible, (trauma is different for all and we are all different levels of resilience) but because it was the first experience that made us feel that not so warm and fuzzy feeling. Then your Brain/Body (the computer processor of US) takes over, along with human beliefs. Here we have the recipe for how trauma becomes trapped in the body, and trapped in the body becomes dis-ease. This is the readers digest version. We make healthy adults by changing how we raise our children, which changes how they raise their children and so on. Cultivation of a healthy nervous system for your children esp ages 0-3 is CRITICAL to having healthy adults. (for more on this, check our you tube channel under the section "trauma, healing, nervous system health and chemistry) This is an absolute passion of mine, raising children who were biologically not mine, they are born into trauma, and working in childcare for now 12 years has given me an important window into the mind of a child, and their parents. Its been an expanding experience to try to understand the how's and why's and how to meet each child where they are at developmentally . All of us in the AG Family have a unique and special passion for children, Its in our DNA!

#9 Aliens are a thing. a real thing

Honestly, it would be silly of us to believe we are the only beings in the entire universe. there is SO much vastness out there. SO much we don't know. And we don't know it because we are limited to what "they" (the government/news/government educational system) tell us. And up to this point , they have not wanted us to know. And we have all been happy to live in ignorant bliss.

Up to now. Now the evidence is overwhelming. Whistleblowers, sightings of craft, and the age of people trusting their own self guidance has reached a tipping point and the world is changing! I know you see it. There have been some fantastical predictions about the future and humanity and alien life...But let me just say Gene Roddenberry knew what he was doing... He's not far off the mark. Aliens come in all shapes and sizes and colors just like humans. They have their own collective challenges (think about ours here like war, pollution, global warming) and their own soul expansion goals. Different dimensions have different attributes and goals. And they fight, just like against country, race against race, but with much more advanced technology. (we are a VERY YOUNG race us humans) But Most Aliens are benevolent. They love (and depend on in a way ) humanity. They are willing to assist you in your spiritual development.

As a matter of fact I can almost guarantee that if your reading this, you have had an incarnation as an alien race, or will soon!

#10 Respect the unknown A warning for seekers

We will never comprehend everything. There are certain secrets of the universe that are meant to stay secret, because it serves us. Obsessively seeking "the truth" is a fools errand that causes you to go down rabbit holes, and you end up distracted & missing out on the entire point of incarnation. Which is FREE WILL CHOICES TO CAUSE EXPANSION OF YOUR SOUL. Moment to moment CHOICES. Freedom beyond compare. And its a life long journey. Actually, its a multiple-life long journey! LOL It is SO important that you remain flexible, open, allowing all things. Ceasing judgement, and power struggles. Seek truths, but understand not to take them on as YOUR truth, learn what your intuition feels like, and you will end up living life with Ease and flow. On the flip side, Tell your story! Allow others to benefit from your experiences! Humans are SO receptive to story telling! we LEARN from experience, but we consider those experiences when we compare and reflect on someone else's experience. ALL of it has value. We are all WORTHY beyond measure, loved beyond comprehension, and its not necessary (or advisable) to know absolutely everything. Have FAITH ...not religious faith but faith that everything is going to be ok for you whether you know it or not!

I hope there are some nuggets of info in here for you, something that causes you to question. Stay Curious my friends, and take Good Care,


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