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Full Moon Purging... our way

The full moon purges density on a monthly (ish) basis. New moon is for setting intentions (goals) for the month. Each moon having its own special brand of alchemy. Can we just talk for a minute about how perfect creation is ?! Built into your world is a fail proof system of energetic release. You dont even need to be aware that you are healing, it just happens on a cellular level for your benefit. So, what exactly is being purged ? Density

Think of energy as flowing water from a waterfall. When nothing is blocking the waterfall it's free to run straight through with its full strength. If something gets in the way, like rocks, mud,

leaves or branches, it slows down the movement , sometimes considerably. It's even possible that those things become a permanent part of the structure of the waterfall if left untouched. However there are forces at work that offer assistance - wildlife, storms, erosion, all natural and beneficial to the waterfall (energy flow. Your energy is like that. When flowing without impediment, it's free to run at full strength. That’s an amazing life force! Most of us have some rocks (Genetic gifts, generational trauma) that structure the flow of our energy to move in one particular direction or another. Most of us have trees and branches (experiences in life) that fall in, & might grab onto our existing rocks and structure, and block things up for a while. When we surrender to the power of the water and allow the energy to push through, it can dislodge these branches and allow full movement once again. We can even get help from the wildlife, (real wildlife) or storms (full moon purge) and we can use our physicality to intentionally move the debris ourselves. (medical intervention, exercise, etc)

Our Emotions are like the smaller debris that is upstream from your waterfall. Leaves, pollution, erosion, that muddy the water. This is the density. Our world is full of emotion. Emotions produce chemical energy that then gets transmuted by your amazing physical body. Like the waterfall, you are always working. It's part of your structure. As long as you are breathing, you are transmuting (flowing energy) It never completely stops. For then you would become something else. Not a waterfall, but substrate and begin a new cycle as substrate.

You can use your intention (free will) to create momentum for your transmuting & releasing density. In this new collective energy after ascension, all energy is moving faster! What this translates into is it takes much less physical effort to move those branches stuck in your waterfall. than it ever has before! Over the years we have become masters of “work smarter not harder” as it applies to energy. So we have a couple of unique ideas about harnessing the power of the full moon.

#1 - Set your intentions before you fall asleep. Before you drift off for the night, give any commands to the cells of your body, your consciousness, or your highest self if you prefer.

Something like “ Cells, the command is to match the frequency of this full moon, and clear cellular memory of all 11 systems”

#2- Write it Down

If I had this whole intuition /healing thing to do all over again, that’s probably the ONE thing I would change. I would have written more things down! I’ll bet I only write about 60% of my experiences and thoughts down. You'd be surprised how much you forget living life, so writing things down allows you the freedom to go back and review where you were once upon a time. It’s easy to grab your phone and put it into the notes section. Include the month & year of the full moon and state your intentions. The reason this is so impactful is that the Act of writing / speaking something out loud is more physical , AND involves free will which is King & Queen of this realm!

#3- Those things up there, I would repeat them 4 times

At this time a universal command is 4 repetitions. Use that knowledge to command your matrix!

Using the tools that the Great I Am put onto the planet for us is, in our humble opinion similar to giving gratitude. There’s a reciprocity in it that is very satisfying energetically. An “exchange” if you will. Think of it this way… have you ever purchased something for your child that they used all the time? A toy that they use for years? How good does that feel ? How satisfying is that ? You as the provider feel good that the child is getting the full potential & benefit from what you provided, and the child is feeling empowered, entertained, & satisfied by the toy. It’s an even exchange. Gratitude LIVES in an even exchange of energy.

I hope that you find this useful, & you begin your relationship with the moon today !

Until next time-

Learn the cellf care process that changed our lives!

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