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How Do I Begin to talk to Spirit(s)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Very beginning thoughts and concepts about vibration

Key to understanding how multidimensional communication works is understanding vibration in all its forms, and what creator God gave us to interpret vibrations. So if you want to talk to dead people, or your guides, or your God, spending time to learn about vibration is an excellent start! Everything is vibration! You are a vibrating being, the trees, rocks and streams, even the chair you sit in. And all of Vibration is managed (mostly) by a universal law called law of attraction. Non physical beings are also vibrational. God is vibrational. Your sister is vibrational. Somehow, the powers that be neglected to teach us this, but they sure did have the time and initiative to teach us square dancing in gym class! God made us Co Creators! I believe in fact when the Bible said we were created in God's image, that is exactly what the author was referring to we were intended to be creators, just like God.

Your physical senses are your interpretation of the vibrations occurring around you. Your five senses, plus your emotional body were all "installed" for us as humans to use to interpret and experience physicality. In fact the guides we work with have explained Earths physicality is really of the utmost interest to all beings in all realms & universes because we have a few things they do not have. Dense physicality being one of them!. Dense physicality has its downfalls for sure, but for a few thousand years , in the infancy of humanity, it has served us well ! Now it is time to lighten up though (literally) and become a little less dense. LOL (see what I did there ?)

So if you are with me so far, that means that you can consider the idea that everything is vibrational. Are you are also finding yourself able to accept the idea that God equipped us to interpret or translate these vibrations? This ability to interpret or translate vibration has been dumbed - down over time for a myriad of reasons, but it is possible to recharge this ability and begin to learn how to use it to enhance your life. This translation of vibration is often referred to as intuition.

SO how do we bring back our ability to tune into vibration, & why would we want to?

WHY would you want to be able to "tune in" to different vibrations? First, lets talk about some basic things you might already be doing that is benefitting you that is "tuning into" vibration and you might not even realize it .

~ Interpreting non verbal cues, Examples: knowing what your animal needs, your baby, your coworkers or spouses mood.

~ Your sensitive to peoples tone of voice (you are receiving the vibrational frequency under the words) Music is a big deal to you, it effects your mood

~ Your a vegetarian or vegan for ethical reasons

~ You can FEEL a room when you walk into it.

These are all part of a skill set that helps you navigate your day to day life. For some people skills like those examples listed above are of monumental importance... for others, less so. But essentially, having the ability to do those things mentioned above (as well as other vibrational translation) helps make your day to day experience better. Being able to translate vibration enhances your life because you are able to anticipate, prepare, better react to situations that present themselves to you. And if everyone could better react to or shall I say more stably react to experiences in life, think how much better the world would be over all.

If your still with me, let me push things just a little farther.

Now imagine that you could tune into more of what you WANTED in life, and turn down the volume on what you don't want. Sound interesting? I believe THAT'S EXACTLY what God's original intention was when the human being was created. According to the guides we work with, God wanted each individual human to be able to filter information and create the life they wanted most. In order to do that God had to create a virtual smorgasbord of life choices. Infinite life choices really! So God created polarity, (meaning opposites) to work in concert with the Law of Attraction so that all in existence could find their own desires to whatever degree they chose in this world, using their free will. You knew before you incarnated that you were going to have experiences during this physicality that human society would consider "negative" and that those experiences would then lead you to know better what your individual preferences are. This my friends is calls EXPANSION. Which is the ultimate goal of every soul in the history of ever. It is the goal of GOD to expand indefinitely forever and ever. As the Donald would say "its huuuge" It is the why we would want to interpret vibration fluently.

Now to the guts of it!! (insert epic music here) HOW do we begin to become more "tuned in" to vibration? First know there is an unlimited amount of frequencies, and an unlimited amount of perceptions. Its complicated. So everyone is has the ability to tune in, but not everyone is going to tune the same way there's some variable there. Every thought, every belief, every tone has vibration and energy speaks louder than action, always. By PRACTICING becoming more sensitive to vibration you can begin to perceive it, then translate it, then become proficient at both. Here are some ways you can begin to tune in to vibration:

* Become Aware. Hopefully that's what I am doing here, is creating an awareness. Practice going around in your life "imagining " the energy field that surrounds people, animals, trees, rocks - anything really, it all has energy.

*Delve into yourself, examine beliefs that may be blocking you from "seeing" non physical vibration. This can be programming from childhood, beliefs you have accepted from society, really anything ... a good healer can help you sort through the beliefs that hurt you the most.

*Build a bridge between you and your higher self. Through meditation you can begin to forge a relationship with your higher self who can help you become all you are desiring.

*Practice, validate, practice validate, it takes times (I happen to know an AMAZING way to practice and validate! (eh-hem shameless plug for our Empowerment course) This is how you begin to have trust and faith in yourself.

*Lastly, and I do mean lastly, ask for help from your guides and higher self. YOU should be doing most of the work here, and once the ground work I've mentioned above is layed, then you can call in your guides, angels, ascended masters, whatever resonates with you and ask for assistance.

I hope that I've peaked your curiosity. If your considering dipping your toe into the intuitive water, spend some more time here on the website looking around, schedule a reading with us so we can dig deeper and kick start your journey. We're Looking forward to hearing from you !

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