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Purging...What it is, Why we do it

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Purging. It is exactly what it sounds like a mass (sometimes tumultuous) exit of something from your body. Unlike the clinical word, we are talking about toxins/chemicals made from emotional or somatic energy in the body. If the human doesn't intentionally make an effort to mindfully allow the release of trauma in the body, it just builds up, the body stores it. Its actually kind of cool when you think about it. How we can keep functioning, with all that crap in our bodies...they really are miraculous.

I feel compelled as always to define trauma. Trauma is NOT an event. It can be, but its about stored stress in the body. This includes small micro traumas that can occur over a long period of time. Or anything that at the time of the occurrence, the body cannot process. It overwhelms the system. No matter if its a parking spot kerfuffle at the Walmart, that could be a trauma for the person who has an already taxed system.

About a year into channeling with spirit we learned about purging. I'm not really even sure how it came up, someone probably asked about their diarrhea or something. And we got a surprise answer... Our bodies purge toxins regularly. Poop, pee, orgasm, sweat, tears, mucous...all natural ways of purging chemically. Something you probably don't know however is that illness, and what we all would consider "nuisance illnesses" Also purge. I already mentioned diarrhea, but also things like asthma, allergies, migraines, joint pain, colds & flus purge imbalanced energy (chemical toxins) in the body. Disease has a vibrational signature that matches an emotion or fear. That's how we line up with disease.

Once there has been more stress in than there has been out & your body begins to accumulate the inflammation, and you begin to get dis-ease. WHICH disease you "get" depends on your genetics. And what the vibrational signature of your stress most closely matches in your DNA. This is why psychics /spiritual leaders can say you chose everything before you incarnated. We CHOSE our parents before incarnation. We know exactly what blueprint we have for our soul, we know our souls intentions for this life, and we know exactly what the genetic blueprint of both parents is, and we choose accordingly to fit our needs. That's really over simplified, and its probably a lot less romanticized than what most people think. We LOVE everyone when we are not in 3D. You don't need a certificate of marriage or adoption or blood to catalyze you loving them. We just love.

God didn't just drop us off and say "Buh-byeeee human" They gave us allies that serve and help purge for us both individually and collectively. Our pets, wild animals, crystals, rocks, trees, the ocean, dirt, bushes, get the idea? Every living thing (we generally disrespect) was actually put here to serve humanity, and help us energetically to survive. They are purging toxins as well . They take it from you and process it, and release it. These sorts of living beings don't have the complicated emotional/social engagement branch of the nervous system, and they don't have human programming. Therefore, when they purge the chemical toxins for us, they have zero resistance, they just do it. There are humans that do this too. Their expandedness is so great that their bodies are sturdy, and strong. (ever wonder why some families are more resilient than others?) They accept energy transfers from their loved ones, their friends, their soul families without conscious intention, and process it for them. This kind of purging will not cause dis-ease. These people can only take enough of an illness that they can purge without much incident. (think nuisance illness)

Something to keep in mind, purging is natural. The planets and astrology are designed by Source Energy to help purge toxins collectively to keep Earth at homeostasis. Our body's are made to keep us in homeostasis. The more times you visit Earth, the more experience you have, the easier it is to stay in a homeostatic state because that experience is reflected in your nervous system when you incarnate, and our nervous systems are in constant communication and upgrade from the universe. Absolutely 100 percent perfectly designed to accompany human free will. Creation is something that I continue to find absolutely amazing, and my love for God/Source deepens with this knowledge.

In our Inner Circle group, where we are all aware of purging, we like to joke about it (Humor is a survival skill) . We joke about how someone had the shits today, and they think they were purging _____. Or someone has a migraine that puts them in bed, and we can send energy to help clear the cells more quickly. Mostly though, its a subtle change; from not knowing that you purge your own toxins (and sometimes other people's). To knowing that you do it and that you serve your fellow humans, and your planet in this way. Oh! and just so you know, this is not something that is forced. You are in constant communication with the universe, and your higher selves know exactly what you are handling here in every moment and how much more your physical vessel can "take" and higher self actually handles all that on your behalf. Once you expand into it, you can learn to feel if you can take more and consciously press to process someone else's toxins for them.

All of the built up toxic chemicals from trauma and emotions must be transmuted energetically.

That means if you die and you have a lot stored, it has to go somewhere. So here is the general breakdown (which absolutely can be different on a case by case basis)

Before you pass, any pets you have take what their systems can handle. Once you die, stored trauma gets distributed to your DNA family first, what they cant "handle" spills over into soul family, and what they cant "handle" goes back to oneness. Toxic energy that makes it all the way to oneness gets redistributed across all the soul families, and they take based on their vibrational signature, and souls intentions. (This is how core challenges come to be) This is all very loose, its difficult to translate vibration into language so this is as close as I can come for now :-)

Side note about something spirit calls integration. This is when your consciousness has expanded and it can accept new perspectives from the universe. All of the Universes information is available to us, but we have to expand into it. Some practitioners call it "upgrades" The concept is that you have "leveled up" and you can accept a new "load" of information from the universe. Integration is the process of your cells accepting & processing this new level of information into your nervous system somatically. So that when your consciously ready for it, you can have that "aha" moment of clarity that comes from deep inside you. Integration can sometimes FEEL like purging. Inflammation ultimately feels the same whether its things coming in or things going out, and that inflammatory response is what most people feel in their body in some capacity.

This is only what we know so far. We know that our 3d understanding is so limited. Language is so limiting its difficult to explain things that you just see, know or understand to your core.

That's actually a lot of what we do, we translate. Finding the closest possible words that convey the vibrational intention of spirit. That's actually why when we channel using the AG we call it "filter free channeling" because its not US coming up with the words, its Oneness, aka the consciousness of all that is, aka the holy spirit . That has never been done before in the history of the universe. Source/Creator has never allowed beings of the light to communicate in this way before. Aunt Jane's Ouija board was never contacting your dead grandma because it is not permitted by Source. It was (at best) your higher self and at worst a demon... but that's a conversation for another time.

Oof! I got side tracked there a little bit but its important so I am leaving it! How do you feel knowing that you "purge" ? Do you see it as a divine design or a hinderance? No matter how it lands on you, it's ok. You will process all this when you are ready. It doesn't change who you are or the fact that you are intertwined with all that is. Intrinsically. That you are sovereign and powerful and you are waking up to the biological and physiological responses in your body. (or you wouldn't be reading this all the way to the end ;-)

Until next time, take good care of yourselves -

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