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Purging, Your Nervous System, and Energy

Metaphysical Purging and What it has to Do With the Nervous System

When your nervous system is overwhelmed by an experience, (or conditions) & your nervous system starts to activate, it begins a cycle that once started has to be completed, or the excess chemicals will be stored in your body for later processing.

So when your nervous system is sensing (called interception) and beginning to get “amped up” meaning your parasympathetic system is coming into the “excitatory” stage, and you are climbing your poly vagal ladder into “fight or flight” mode, and you don’t get to “down regulate” or feel safe & connected again (YOUR safe, not someone else’s idea of safe) that excited cycle just abruptly STOPS and the chemicals produced from the emotions & stress you have experienced get trapped, your nervous system takes a hit, your neurotransmitters are zipping around all razzed up with no place to go. Your body doesn't get to do what it wants and needs to so that homeostasis can be achieved and there are consequences for this, the consequences vary by individual. Implicit memory can trap your muscles, your nervous system can get stuck ...the body doesn't break, it just gets stuck. Isn't that what disease is? Not death, but stuck in unwell? Just a thought.

This buildup of this kind of stuck stress energy CAN come out eventually. And we call that a “purge” It's different from regular non-traumatic emotional chemicals that move through a number of biological processes. Sweating, crying, digesting, peeing, orgasms, all these are natural and help to release some levels of emotional chemistry, this is your physiology, and it's unique to you. Where clinical definition gets narrow (again) is there is also an energetic component to trauma that is largely ignored. Spirit communicated a process that when you are doing deep healing work can actually help you get “unstuck” in regard to these excitatory cycles. And as time goes on it's proving to be quite powerful!

Our belief based on our channeling the collective of Oneness, is that energy transfers all the time and by energy I mean chemical & vibration. Energy in a metaphysical perspective. Emotions are chemicals & vibration. I can take energy from you, your pet can take energy from you, family members, friends and co-workers can take energy from you. Some people call this empathing and that is only partially accurate. Empathing and processing are different depending on your soul's goals, you can choose to do either or both, most of the difference is awareness, and intention. Both are sacred soul contracts/archetypes and valued by the Great I AM/God/Source/Universe. (I'm trying to be all inclusive here, you can use whatever word you want for God) The transfer of energy can be done intentionally (healing work, prayer, meditation, affirmations) or unintentionally. (Basically you don't know it's happening so you blame it on something else - some physical malady) I’m being very general here.

It's BEEN happening since the creation of Earth,(dark night of the soul just refers to a season of deep purging) but as we ascend in vibration along with our beloved Gaia, it happens more frequently AND we will become more aware . And I believe science will someday prove all this when the government stops denying the existence of metaphysics.

Purging refers to a “grand release”. When more than just average day to day emotional chemicals are released from the cells, systems, organs of your body. Everyone is different…. nausea, headaches, sinus infections, diarrhea , muscle cramps, hiccups, crying, fatigue, irritability, heartburn, ear infections, colds, infections, migraines - anxious thoughts, depressive feelings, human “ailments” all serve a Grande purpose even though they are so commonplace and irritating to the average human being.

One of the pieces of cosmology that we study in the inner circle is what ailments purge. I will someday write a blog on that, and insert the link here, but for now, I want to just plant the seeds that we choose ailments before we are born. Medical anomalies, and (by choosing our family line) our ailments. I want to give you a few examples for your contemplation.

Arthritis purges Envy

Menstruation purges (toxic) pride

Covid 19 purges old testament beliefs

Diabetes purges fear of lack

Can you see in this how powerful you are? How you incarnated to help the collective, and only have to exist to fulfill this? I find this absolutely mind blowing amazing!

We can purge for ourselves because of astrology, we can purge for someone else that is sick. We can purge for our family, we can purge for larger groups like our soul family or the collective of oneness. In a multiverse of 30 dimensions 3D is the “bottom rung on the ladder” for physical purging. Meaning we are the last stop before the energy flows back to oneness. It actually goes back to oneness anyway but physical purging, what WE do here in 3D (I guess I should say 4D now) is physically change the heavy dense toxic vibrational energy into something lighter. That sacred vessel of yours is a miraculous transmuting machine. Not a machine... a freakin Ferrari ! Or something else bougie or expensive...LOL I don't know cars very well but I hope it gets the point across!

I'm going to bring this all the way around now and back to the importance of the nervous system to the spiritual body. We are more than just a physical body. Our nervous system blue tooth's into the universe. Intrinsically connected to Source energy. If you, in your individual creation of your life can emotionally regulate, can learn to manage your vessel, you can change the narrative of humanity. We cannot continue to completely ignore the importance energy plays in our world, a multidimensional human deserves a multidimensional approach to wellness.

You can never underestimate your ripple! Take Good care of yourself, and teach those you can to do the same.

"Those who take action have a disproportionate impact. The power of one is to move many " Elizabeth May

Our One of a kind, flagship program where you are learning processes , exercises, and experiencing education that helps you to heal at the core level of all your difficulties, The nervous system. Check out our self guided offering, the Sacred Cellular Reformation. Find out more here:

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1 Comment

Oct 07, 2021

This resonates in the way that through me, I'm healing past generations of heavy emotional baggage. Very cool!! The health side of it makes sense. Very rarely am I ever sick. Thanks Missy. Very grateful for every trinket of information I get.

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