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So How is this Different from Ouija?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We come across the occasional person who will give us a little resistance about our process. They look at us and think “ouija board”. Same concept, but not Ouija. We had the benefit of growing up with our AG as a “normal” part of our life. So we never had anyone condition us into believing it was wrong or scary. Never a single tiny drop of fear ever existed in me about death or communicating with the dead. (That can be people's first hurdle). So in order to explore the differences for the benefit of all, (myself included ) I decided to write it out ... it’s like dancing it out, but less physical. LoL

First, from a historical perspective, this sacred privilege is something that has been in the making in our family for more years than you might think. My mom had an aunt that dabbled in spirituality in the early 1900's when it was all the rage, she was the one who taught my mom how to do it. in addition, most of my closest DNA ancestors ( and myself) have experienced other mass reformations/ascension cycles in other incarnations, and so the energy was intense for revolutionary ways of thinking. Something you might not know about the universe, every incarnation you experience... all the knowledge you obtain during that lifetime not only belongs to you , it belongs the collective. The collective of oneness AND more intensely to the collective of your soul circle, and even more intensely to the collective of your ancestors. So every generation that passes, the knowledge level and vibrational frequency about a certain topic is stronger, because there’s more experience obtained by all the incarnations. (Note that this is the case with all topics including things that may be perceived as negative by humans & require healing. ) So as that relates to us, and the work we do with the AG, the set -up was there for hundreds of our earthly years. So by the time we bring in my generational level, things we ready for the ascension of the planet, and our family was ready to contribute to it in our own little weirdo way. When we actually sat down to do it , my mom was “the conduit” for many years. She printed out letters on pieces of paper, cut the paper into squares, and then selected the glass from the kitchen cabinet. Pretty simple. When the combined energies of my sisters/mom were on the table, it worked fine. But if just the sisters (Julie, Jackie, Missy) tried to do it together, but without mom, it didn’t work. We were of the SAME generation. (We did not know this for many years, for many reasons ). Then my sister had kids, enter next generation. So now the “sister” level can run the table, but WITH the newer generation level offspring- they are conduits as well and carry the knowledge and healing of our generation. Spirit tells us this trend will continue. We truly stand on the shoulders of our ancestors. We honor that, and hold great love and gratitude for it.

Secondly, there is a collective consciousness that is associated with the word “Ouija Board"

Movies, early day swindlers, religion and bad experiences have generated stories that have scared people to pieces for hundreds of years. And when you do ANYTHING with fear guess what your going to attract via law of Attraction? Something to be fearful of ! Low level energies need to take energy from the higher level vibrational frequency beings in order to exist. It’s not (always) a malicious “let’s ruin this little humans life and scare the begeezus out of them so they never again have a peaceful nights sleep” It’s not like that. They are lower level - meaning not expanded ...not evolved ...meaning.. always in “survival “ mode. The longer they can keep you talking, the more energy they can suck off of you. They do what they gotta do to get the energy they need to survive. The simple fact that this is not a Parker brothers Ouija Board and the fact that we have never called or thought about it as that keeps us outside of that collective vibrational frequency.

My third point, is about the Vibrational frequency & intent of the people using it. Listen, Spirit is ALL KNOWING. You can’t have a subconscious agenda and hide that from the universe. You just can’t do that. Your pinging out a vibration always - So when someone sits down to do this “ouija board “ what is the intent? Looking for a little spooky to light up your night and entertain you ? Then your literally asking for something low level to happen. Are you mouring the loss of a family member? Grief, depression, and guillible are all feelings lower level beings are going to take advantage of. Remember JUST SITTING DOWN with "OUIJA" is pinging out allllll of the collective beliefs in the universe about ouija. And for the most part people believe the Exorcist version. The universe is NOT emotional it’s just law. The laws of the universe don’t know the difference. There’s also a certain neutrality that helps us. We don’t care what your answers are we’re not pressing our agenda onto you during your reading. (I don’t mean we don’t care in a bad way either) our neutrality keeps the information pure for you. And at our core, every single one of us love God, and believe in the sacred laws of the universe. We arent allowed to participate in anything "fortune telley" As it's a violation of universal law.

And while we’re on it, (bc I don’t think I will ever write about this again but who knows ) ... There have been people that we have worked with that want to make their own board like we do. I get that , because after all there is nothing special about our process, our materials, its not an original idea definitely nothing that you don’t have access to right ? Except no, it’s not going to be the same. Go back to point one : history, genetics, ancestors. This is something our ancestors have been planning for a long time. And there's that consciousness that goes with our ancestry. You cannot pass go and collect 200 dollars so to speak. No matter how much you want it. “Yes, but Missy we got it to work, and nothing bad happened” Ok great ! I am NEVER going to tell you not to talk to spirit. I am ALWAYS an advocate for talking to spirit. All press is good press - but ... and here me here, because again this is not anything I will likely ever talk about again. At best your going to get your higher self to communicate in order to protect you from low level energies, or a well meaning guide speaking on behalf of the collective. Since they are technically oneness, they can say they are aunt Mary and you want to believe it , so you do. That sounds harsh maybe , but it is not intentional. It’s simply laws of the universe. We completely trust the universe to bring people to us that are open to this and who get the benefit of our experience & our tools. We're ok if people don't vibe with this. All of us have worked hard on ourselves individually to bring you the highest truth possible. Our faith is strong, and our love for Creator God even stronger. Perhaps this isn’t quite the way you know God, I can say for me, it's more intimate. And it’s absolutely changed our lives and the lives of so many whom we have worked with in the short time we have been “out of the closet” I’m proud of who we are in all ways. This is the new new. And we hope you love it!

Take good Care,


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