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The Power of the Words "Clear, Cancel, Delete"

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

We believe in the power of language. The ability to change your world with your words. ( I also believe based on our channeling that we live in a matrix, multiplying the power of language, but that sort of is another conversation, and inappropriate for me to speak for all in the AG Fam)

Words are intention, and intention is creation. And if you can create, you can discreate. (uncreate? is that a thing? LOL) Enter the POWER of the words "clear, cancel, delete"

Story time with Missy: There is a trend called "cloud bursting" ... you can google it to witness the phenomena.

The basic idea is that you (a spiritual being, having a human experience) can cause a cloud to physically disappear, with your sheer intention & focus. I've seen it at least a dozen times on tik tok... but this one time, it finally just CLICKED. "of course I can burst a cloud.. this is my matrix...this is my many times have I heard that ? From spirit... from others? " But this time...this time it CLICKED I am in charge of ALL OF THIS ?!! I can create, and I can uncreate ...I mean...discreate...(wait have we decided yet?)

There is a lot of discreation that can occur in one's matrix. The main one being human programming. It can take years of effort to clear and remove the beliefs a parent, teacher or lover instilled in us. Another example is discreating a disease or illness in your body. This is absolutely possible and is something an experienced practitioner or open minded laymen can do. The kind I'm talking about here, is the power to clear, cancel, delete.

Let's say you forget to file some paperwork at work. You suddenly remember it, and then start to berate yourself with negative self talk. You IDIOT, why the F*** did you DO THAT??

But you catch yourself & your negative self talk. You know that the negative self talk creates your reality, so you feel a little bad. We can take it back!! just say "Clear Cancel Delete"

Another example: your doing laundry and your toddler is nearby, watching you. Your busy, you have a million things to get done, and all by noon. your toddler is in your way, and you can't move

you scream "cant you just go PLAY??! I'm trying to do Laundry!" You immediately feel bad. you have hurt his little heart. "clear cancel delete" comes in handy ( and a nice hug from you)

Other examples:

"I am so broke"

"I cant afford that"

Clear cancel delete to save the day!!!!!

"You look gross"

"your so fat"

Clear cancel delete!!!

Do you see what I mean here? HOW AMAZING IS THIS!? This is a total boots-on-the-ground thing to do to create your own reality. I am so excited to share this little trick for you! Go ahead and make this a part of your day! GO YOU!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Feb 02, 2021

I teach cancel/clear to my clients. Cancel refers to the thought you want to cancel. Clear is clearing the screen if the mind and then I tell them to think of something intentionally, preferably a project that brings them joy that they can let their mind spin out in a positive direction. It's like taking the reigns of your thoughts so you can direct you mind which way to go. 😊

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