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Trauma & Soul Fragmentation

I have always been fascinated by trauma. Once I learned more about trauma during my training as an energy healer, (all modalities have a process for trauma release) I became "extra" interested in trauma and its effects. I have a lot of social worker , teacher friends who can discuss trauma with me in all its glory for hours (love them all) and it always jazzes me up! Trauma is SO impactful, SO variable that it has been almost impossible for people in talk therapy to nail down and "cure" for yeeears. And I believe that now, I understand why, and I would just like to bounce some ideas off you. We all know that the non-physical parts of humanity have been ignored for, well forever... lol We ARE energy. It's S L O W in coming, but the masses are starting to figure that out. The medical industry's focus is the PHYSCIAL body, but once something has manifested physically, you can't stop it. Like a freight train going 100 miles per hour there is too much momentum going for it to stop. The medical industry also has a very "one size fits all" approach when it comes to disease, trying to cure something or treat something the same way for all people. It honestly makes perfect sense, I can totally see how we ended up here. But times they are a changin', and the great awakening is happening. You are going to see BIG changes, in all things. The medical industry being one of the big players. There will come a time when your healing will be more indicative of your consciousness. And that will be the "norm". Suzy will heal from breast cancer because she believes she CAN, and Jane will die of breast cancer because she believes she will. That can be a tough pill to swallow (pun intended) but this is the laws of the universe. It will come. Spirit has shown me what this looks like, and also assured me that I will be here to witness it … (maybe just not THIS life lol)

What we have learned from spirit, is that when we go through any type of trauma we loose aspects of ourselves. Part of our soul actually leaves the body so that our consciousness can survive whatever is occurring. Humans then develop 'issues' when the soul fragment does not return. When a soul fragmentation happens to us at a young age, this creates a split effecting who we THINK we are. This then can create ongoing energetic disturbances or negative patterns in thinking and behavior. Depression and illness can be symptoms of soul fragmentation for example. When you go to talk therapy then and talk about the trauma it reactivates the trauma vibration in you and keeps it active. Which is not healing you at all. Energetic healers have the training and ability to revisit the trauma on your timeline, and facilitate a healing for you where the fragments are returned to you. Another point to note is that soul entanglement can also lead to fragmentation. We tend to become entangled with others because our individual souls are connected to entire fields of consciousness. We take on others feelings and shadow sides when we entangle during trauma, and we take them on as our own, when in fact it is not us, but entanglement. We are not emotionally aware yet as a society (in general) to differentiate our energy from others, and we become forever intertwined with a person during a trauma. Think about that for a minute. do you really want to carry around that person's shit the rest of your life? not so much.

So this entanglement and fragmentation occurs and we don't know what to do with it, because no one has taught us what to DO, or that its OK to FEEL. SO what do we do? We numb, we disassociate, we avert at any cost FEELING the trauma. And the cycle of pain continues. Now, imagine 7.2 billion people on the planet having some sort of trauma and entanglement, preventing them from being their authentic selves. THINK of how that effects the collective consciousness of the planet. Sigh. Overwhelming isn't it? Perspective is everything. We cant change the world, all we can change is ourselves. Empower and heal ourselves. Mother earth is doing her best to 'help' us with her portals, gateways, eclipses, full moons and retrogrades by bringing buried feelings to the surface for healing, but WE have to do the WORK. We have to care more about feeling good than anything else in our lives. And if everyone does the work to heal themselves, imagine the impact!!

SO what can you do? Your body is a manifestation of your energy fields. If you are sick, it's because something is out of balance and needs your attention, we don't become sick overnight, we tend to store emotions and trauma and then your body alerts your logical brain to the issue once an illness manifests. Yes, germs get passed around, but if your energetically in balance, they don't effect you. Pay attention to your body, what clues it is giving you, meditate on it, pray about it asking for clarity & understanding. Seek out whatever energy healing resonates with you, because there's no wrong way to truly heal. Put yourself first for awhile. HEAL. You are so loved.

Do you need help in healing? If you are interested in more info about the healing we offer, shoot us an email or read more about it on our services page

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