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How I Scan the Electromagnetic Field Around the Body (the Aura)

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Again with the "scanning" you say ? Yes, I truly don't know a better word. So if you think of one, be sure to put it in the comments section! :-) So the field around the physical vessel contains a ton of information. I personally don't spend a great deal of time there, because I am absolutely intrigued by the physical vessel and all of its organs its FUN for me, so that is where I play. The aura carries a ton of different vibrational frequencies. It is my understanding that if you have ever been to a psychic who reads time lines, they are pulling information that has pushed its way into your aura via the akashic field, and is showing up as a possible timeline for you. This is also where recent experiences are stored. Think of it like a "cloud" full of information and code. If you have the ability to "read" the code, then your in business! (psst, everyone does) The auric field varies in size, and color, and density. I have seen shapes, static, colors, even once a car... all in the auric field. I have seen channels of energy that run in a a hundred directions, from just one person. The channels themselves can turn colors. It is my belief based on our channeled info from the guides that these channels are made up of chemicals. They can be changed, and transmuted as long as the intention is clear, and pure and loving. Ok enough about all that.

When I am only scanning the aura, this is how I proceed. This is SO much like scanning the physical body, so if you have not yet, you might want to read the post about scanning the physical vessel here :

Also, for pure fun here is a pic of my aura from one of those cool aura photography cameras.

I see the person in front of me and I close my eyes with my intention on them. I start on (their) upper left side, the heart side of the body. About 12 -16 inches away from the vessel and move my awareness then in a clockwise direction around the outside of the body. Much like the other scanning I do, I listen, feel, "look" for any thing that feels like info about this person. Then comes the "hard part" being brave enough to say it out loud. I used to really struggle with this. I was so very scared of being WRONG. one wants to be wrong right? But that's how we learn. In our Inner circle TRUST community, we have the opportunity for this kind of "play" with each other and we feel safe and open about it. We are wrong all the time! But you cant get better without trying. And the trying is MUCH more fun if you call it play, and you have the most awesome people around you to do it with! (thank you ladies for being my tribe!!) The other thing that I noticed is that when I am completely "hooked up " with spirit, I truly don't care about your response, because I have to almost word vomit on the person. My eyes go off into never never land and I'm gone.... For me, because its channeled information it goes away after I say it almost immediately. ( keep that pen and paper handy always) So if I don't speak it all out it will most certainly go away. This really helps me get the ego part to stop the fear based thinking about "what if I'm wrong" I know that if I'm feeling timid, I just barrel through like the Taurus energy I am, and hook up to spirit, and they will help me.

Eventually after lots of practice you develop that personal symbol dictionary with your guides, and this all gets much faster. But at first its step by step, practice session by practice session.

OH! That reminds me.... the way I got better at this was by reading strangers auras. Whenever I was waiting some where. restaurants, the Dr. Office, the school pick up line, (kids on the playground are a ton of fun to watch, but don't be creepy about it LOL ) Anytime your waiting you can work on this intuitive muscle ! Or enlist the help of a friend, and have them stand against a white wall....the first time I saw an aura actually was a complete accident. And the wall behind her was white. I started seeing the outline around her, and then it turned all kinds of yuck. Be open minded, and make sure you write it down! your intuition changes so frequently, its fun to compare where you are now with where you were then! I hope that something here might help or inspire you to give this a try! And as always leave your comments below if you have ideas, suggestions or questions.

Take good care TTYS -


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